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20 Best Medication For Anxiety – Who Will Win?

January 31, 2019

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Nowadays, most western citizens are looking for the best medication for anxiety, or related mental disorders. Ever wondered why?

The best medication for anxiety is a holistic natural treatment that helps the patient acquire an increased peace of mind.

The approach to this medication, thus, follows homeopathic, psychological, and natural methodologies, that provide a safe and effective solution to the illness.

Have you ever experienced anxiety in your life? Also, have you ever had that feeling of worrying, actually over-worrying, that arose with actually no clear reason?

If you, like me, have or have ever had anxiety issues, must know that you are not alone, that this problem exists since quite a long time, and… that you are special 🙂 So looking forward to the best medication for anxiety? Here we go…


I would like to start this article with a piece of great news for all the people who suffer from anxiety: scientific researches have proved that people who suffer from anxiety are actually smarter than people who do not.

This is because a complex and articulated way of thinking gives the anxious person several points of view from which he sees and interpret reality.

The anxious person lives every situation from several perspectives simultaneously, in a way that can become too complex for the brain to process, resulting in a reaction similar to the phenomenon called “information overload”, or “cognitive overload”.

Luckily, This is also the reason why people who suffer from anxiety have a higher IQ in both Linguistic and Verbal intelligence (The intelligence of language and communication). Not that bad after all then, right? 😉

So… how are we going to handle this ‘overthinking’ brain? How can we exploit just the benefits of this anxious brain, without getting affected by the negative sides of it?

In this page, we will discuss how to best manage this challenging brain. Also, to heal our brain and improve our lives, only the best medication for anxiety must be applied.

But first, a bit of history, to understand the origins and schools of thought of anxiety, as this gives a wider perspective of the problem.

best medication for anxiety
Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

History and the best medication for anxiety then!

Throughout history, many have tried to trace back the origins of anxiety, including psychologists, historians, philosophers but also theorists of medical history.

If we like to take into account the ancient religious writings, we can all agree that the first ones ever experiencing the anxiety feelings dated back to Adam and Eve.

Anxiety when having to make decisions that are completely upon you, anxiety as fear of overwhelmed by nature; anxiety as fear of the gods, phobia for the end of the world, a pathological phobia that has always required specific therapeutic treatments.

The ancient Greek Hippocrates considered anxiety as an organic illness, while the Roman empire saw it as a psychophysical illness.

The ancient Greeks used to call it melancholy, and they used to say it was derived from black bile, according to the Pythagorean theory of the four humors.

The best medication for anxiety (in this case called melancholy) were:
  • to live in the light
  • to avoid eating heavy food
  • baths
  • motion (movement)
  • gymnastics
  • Music Therapy 

It is interesting to notice that Apollo was the god of both music and medicine, given the magic bondage within the two.

A major shift in the study of this syndrome was given in the school of thought of Rufus of Ephesus, from the Galenic tradition, who interprets an excess of imagination and intellectual activity as the root causes of a pathological degeneration that leads to anxiety.

Also, with Claudio Galeno, black bile starts being seen as a consequence of the anxiety illness, not the cause of it.

Aristotle, the first psychologist in history, while analyzing the effect of the wine on humans, deducted that anxiety, melancholic illnesses, distress, and depression are all manifestations of the black bile.

The effect of the wine lasts shorter, compared to the effect of the black bile, and the wine can also bring cheerfulness, thus be an effective remedy for anxiety.

The Best Medication for Anxiety in the Middle Ages

The most anxious time in history par excellence was undoubtedly the Middle Ages: anxieties were linked to the actual risk of illness, especially tuberculosis, leprosy, and plague; there were also the barbarian invasions, the civil wars and the fights against the infidels.

Around the year 1000 people started having fear of the end of the world, terror for all that is sinful, and superstitions. Anxiety was interpreted as a spiritual and mental illness, the reason why religion became the cure: “only a pure soul will fear nothing”.

Despite the religious help to cure anxiety, the old remedies continued to be used, integrated with new Arabic cures, such as special precious stones with beneficial influences.

Anxiety from the 19th century to Freud

In the 19th century, the most effective medications for anxiety and hysteria were considered to be thermal treatments such as hot baths, vapors, and above all, a good rest from work. 

This represented the beginning of the “rest cure”, a treatment that included isolation, bed rest, milk-based diet, electrotherapy, and massages.

Anxiety: A Global Issue

We now all know that anxiety is a health issue that dates back to ancient times, where also the first psychologist ever, Aristotle, wrote about it. But why nowadays it seems such an overwhelmed issue? Why the number of anxious people keeps growing? Why there is, always more, an increased medication for anxiety need?

The reasons differ significantly, but a list with the most common reasons, or factors, that led to this problem, can be made as follows:

  1. Family Problems 
  2. Excessive Pressure For Rapid Results 
  3. Relationships Uncertainty
  4. Excessive Virtual Life
  5. Uncertainty in Life
  6. Constant and Very Fast Changes in our Society

1) Family-related problems that result in a lack of mental stability, since the fundamental pillars of stability that only the family can provide, are missing
2) Both Academic and Professional Results
3) Both Friend and Love Relationships
4) Social media, Video-Gaming, etc.
5) Fueled by nowadays’ information overload issue (Yes… Ignorance is bliss)

An overthinking brain, with an overload of problems, is definitely going to either implode (anxiety) or explode.

Out of all the problems, there is one I would like to highlight:

Best Medication for Anxiety – Reduce Social Media Influence!

Despite the other issues are somehow out of our total direct control, social media influence is 100% under our control.

I could understand, from the beginning, that social media were somehow increasing my anxiety every time I was using them.

I will always be against excessive use of social media (unless for work reasons), and personally, I never use them for more than 1 hour a day, also because there is so much more to do in life than being addicted to social media.

You should know that The Royal Society for Public Health, a UK independent and multidisciplinary association that is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the public, in 2017 surveyed UK citizens, aged within 14 and 24, to establish which positive or negative effects could social media have on them.

Taking into account Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, it turned out that while on the one hand, they help the younger people feel free and mature, on the other, they greatly reduce their ability to sleep, and create a lot of anxiety about their appearance and their actions.

In fact, in the survey, a very high value of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) has emerged, a psychological problem that makes people fear to be alone, if they do not check their social media accounts frequently.

This is a very serious issue that must be handled with great attention.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Before we understand the best medication for anxiety, it is important to understand the symptoms of anxiety.

I perfectly know what anxiety means, as I have been suffering from anxiety for many years.

Common symptoms of anxiety are feelings of stress that result in both psychological and psychosomatic disorders:

Psychosomatic disorders include (these symptoms can relate to anxiety, but are not limited to anxiety itself):

  • choking sensation
  • fatigue
  • excessive sweating
  • dry mouth
  • dizziness
  • stomach ache
  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • chills
  • hot flashes
  • frequent urination
  • a sensation of a lump in the throat
  • muscular contractions
  • tremors

The problem with anxiety, or with any other mental disorder, is that the illness itself is not that dangerous. The problem starts when the illness expands into other forms of mental disorder.

Like a chain reaction, initial and light mental disorders can act as catalysts for further and more serious mental imbalances.

On the other side, self-healing and constant work can lead to a chain reaction of health improvements.

How To Cure Anxiety: Best Medication for Anxiety

I would like to remind that there will never be instantaneous solutions to health problems, especially of a psychological nature.

Unfortunately, modern medicines and drugs heavily confused people on how a natural healing process occurs, especially natural healing. Therefore people now expect immediate healing results when they start receiving treatments. 

Having clarified this point, I can now get into more details on the best medication for anxiety.

There are several ways to reduce or eliminate anxiety, including*:
  1. Meditation & Breathing Techniques
  2. Yoga
  3. Crystal Therapy
  4. Reiki
  5. Energy Healing
  6. Self-Analysis
  7. Family Constellations
  8. Diet 
  9. Physical Exercise
  10. The Extremely Effective “Cold Therapy”
  11. Psychedelic Therapy, in a controlled environment
  12. Natural Medicine Therapy, in a controlled environment: Ayahuasca, herbs like Changa, Marijuana, etc.
  13. Pet Therapy
  14. Having a Balanced Life
  15. Absence of Drugs Addictions
  16. Cultivating Land
  17. Manual Works
  18. Hypnotherapy
  19. Physical Health
  20. Posture

1A) Mainly by allowing all that is: the pain/problem needs to be accepted so that it will eventually fade away. By listening or feeling it, it tells you what it has to tell you so that its duty is accomplished.
1B) Beginners are advised to use the special Hemispheric Synchronization audios. It will help beginners reach both adequate body-mind connection and the desired energy level, required to attain self-healing
8) The Mediterranean Diet and The DASH Diet
11) In a medically controlled environment
13) Or any other animal therapy, like Hippotherapy
14) Especially the sleep/wake cycle
18) Regressive Hypnosis, or other forms of Therapeutic Hypnosis

All of these methods are proved to work, but are not sufficient alone. (the majority of which I have personally tried, and can confirm their effectiveness). THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS TO BE COMMITTED TO THE DESIRE OF HEALING AND SUCCESS.


A spiritual opening, either it big or small, not only makes all the above cures more effective but will also soften our lives in several ways.

If we want to maximize, and complete, our healing, we need to open our minds and expand our way of thinking by:

  1. Opening our hearts, and gaining compassion
  2. Understanding we are one whole thing with the universe we live in (The famous “Law of One”)
  3. Introducing ourselves to quantum physics (the place where spirituality meets science)
  4. Remembering that patience is a virtue

Repression or Aiding? How are we letting our brains affect us? 

There is a final piece of advice for you.

Together with the above-stated medication for anxiety, it is very important to learn what I consider to be the most difficult lesson for the humankind.

We are not trained, nor taught, how to be good in life, with ourselves and others: unfortunately, society teaches us to be selfish, and this affects our beliefs and behaviors.

We need to stop focusing our attention mainly towards ourselves.

Obviously, a website article is not enough to cure your anxiety… but this gives you several hints that will nicely guide you into your self-healing journey.

If you need further guidance, I will be more than happy to help you out 🙂

I know exactly what anxiety means, as I suffered from it for more than 10 years, but I decided to work on it, and will never stop doing it!

This is where my expertise comes from (and not only!!).

The last final tip:
Have you ever thought about having a life purpose as a solution for anxiety?

Have you ever thought about having a mission in life that drives and thrives you?

The motivation that you would put to achieve that life goal or mission in life, could act as emotional strength, able to actually transform your life… think about it 😉

Please, feel free to leave a message below, if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

Alessandro Cipullo
Consciousness Explorer
Wellness Seeker

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