About Me

Ciao a tutti! My name is Alessandro Cipullo, nice to meet you.

Despite my young age (at the time of writing, I am 29 years old) I spent more than a decade of my life dealing with extremely difficult challenges. This forced me to understand how to solve very difficult problems, hopefully in the best way possible, in the early stages of my life. No doubt those situations damaged me very well when I was a teenager, but as a result of it, the healing process I had to go through happened to be by far the greatest lesson of my life.

In the first part of my life several episodes of repressions and misunderstandings taught me that, in life, it’s necessary to learn how to survive in the best way possible. Failing to do so incurs the creation of at least one problem, that can subsequently act as a catalyst for the creation of further problems. These problems, if not properly managed, can start a chain reaction of problems.

The hard way, the effective way: the human being seems to be a master in learning lessons, particularly through bad experiences (aka the hard way). As this worked with me, I am sure it works well with you too. If you know how to correctly interpret the problems that life gives you, the lesson you learn from it is usually very meaningful. In my opinion, the correct way to perceive and feel these problems is by approaching them with positivity, spirituality, and an open mind.

I want to teach you how I do it so that you can benefit from my personal experiences as well as the knowledge of the greatest minds I ever learned from

I like to think my view of life is enlightening because this is what I feel deep within myself.

How do I do it?

I learned how to combine the perceptions I receive from both hemispheres of my brain. This allows not only a logical analysis of life but also a deeper perception of it, thanks to our gut instinct and heart energy.
While your logical mind (left brain hemisphere) might be wrong, your heart (right brain hemisphere) never is. This is my little special ‘secret’.
Our brain does not know everything, but our heart does.

My website, which only represents the beginning of a way-bigger project, shares with you all the information and personal experiences that led me into the Awakened State Of Mind, which I like to call The Best Version Of Yourself.

Now I am a young soul who loves life, loves the world, and especially loves to help others be good, happy and healthy. In a few words, I like to be well, and see people being well too This is my definition of the word ‘humanity’.

Why do I want to help people?

I think everyone in the world needs some sort of help. Finance, work, family, friendship, happiness, stress, personal goals and dreams, and the list can go on and on and on…
I feel I want to give my help to humanity because this is my purpose in life: helping others fulfills me, and I will always do my best to give everyone the most appropriate support they need.

The final goal of my website is to improve your self-awareness ability, to ultimately become your doctor, your healer, and your teacher.
My niche is The Wellness, The Wellbeing, The Welfare! I will do all I can to make people from all over the world achieve their ideal state of mind and life!

This is because
You all have to achieve the life you deeply want and deserve.

How do I want to help people?

I want to share my knowledge with the world. My knowledge comes from personal experience and the teachings of great therapists and mentors.

Most of the information that you will find on my website is carefully selected from great masters of human psychological, physical and spiritual health, as well as human wellness. The chosen mentors, therapists, and doctors are selected after an extremely careful analysis of their knowledge, teaching methods, and the healing results they achieved with their patients.

AC Life harmonically connects the knowledge of great minds from all over the world to create a framework for human wellbeing.
From modern doctors to therapists of different backgrounds, to life coaches, entrepreneurs, teachers, shamans, holistic and energetic healers, this website combines them all, providing a full spectrum of health and longevity suggestions, for the greatest benefit of the human being.

Finally, instinct played a major role in my life. My instinct helped me overcome the biggest issues I had to face in my life, and is now my biggest tool. I started developing it around the year 2015, which is when I started my new path in life. It was April 2015 when I started to awaken and understand myself, my life an,d the system(s) we all live in.

To be completely honest with you, each one of us has a strong instinct that can be used to guide and drive us in the right direction. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to feel it nor how to accept its inner guidance. This is the reason why they do not use it.

My instinct, which represents the feminine energy, together with my determination, which represents the masculine energy, brought me here today. I feel confident saying that the combination of these two kind of energies and intelligences (they come from the right and left brain’s hemispheres accordingly) can transform our lives.

I would not be here today if it wasn’t for this strong connection I managed to develop over the years, and I DO MEAN IT!

AC Life