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8 Best Crystals for Anxiety and Depression


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crystals for anxiety

Here we go again with another anxiety attack or depression symptoms, but do not worry: I have found out the best crystals for anxiety and depression.

Sometimes it is reasonable to feel anxious. If you are worried about your next job interview, it is normal to be anxious. If you are working very hard for your next exam, it is normal to feel anxious. And the same would happen if you are going to date a person for the first time.

The problem is when you feel anxious for no apparent reason, or when you feel too stressed or anxious about a particular situation. Instead, you should feel a more natural and normal level of ‘all right’ stress.

On the other side, we have depression: depression is considered to be on the opposite side of anxiety. An anxious person overthinks about the future, while the depressed person overthinks about the past.

This happens because anxiety derives from excessive thinking of personal future events  and responsibilities. Depression, on the contrary, comes from an exaggerated reflection of the past. In both scenarios, the brain overthinks.

If you, like me, have suffered anxiety, and have also decided to take steps towards treating it, curing it, solving it, then you have come to the right place. I want to help you heal from that 🙂

In this article, I am going to explain to you the best healing crystals for anxiety and depression.


Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

1) Blue Calcite – To absorb the frustration

crystal stone for anxiety blue calcite

Blue Calcite is a very helpful crystal for depression, and it works exceptionally well. Just like the liver purifies blood for recirculation, in the same way, the blue calcite absorbs and filters energy to benefit us. If you feel like you’re drowning in the sea, blue calcite works like a life raft to help you. Allow this stone to provide you with its soft, relaxing and therapeutic powers for when you are tired. Blue calcite helps to support your blood pressure. If you are frustrated or angry by the end of the day, I suggest you soothe yourself with it.

Other crystals possessing similar properties: Angelite, jade, onyx, and turquoise




2) Jade – For tranquillity and an open heart

crystal stone for anxiety jade

Also known as ‘Crystal of Tranquility’, jade is one of the best healing crystals for anxiety. You can get jade in multiple colors, and each one of them has its unique properties. The green jade helps purify deeply, channel your inner peace, and enhance your intuition. Intuition is a sense of knowing something without knowing the reason or how you know it. You can use this stone when you are feeling overwhelmed by positive or negative emotions. Its maternal qualities warm you and assist you in destroying any painful emotions safely. You can rub it on your third eye, forehead or temples to allow it to release any tension or headaches.

Other crystals for anxiety possessing similar properties: Celestite, moonstone, peridot, and rose quartz


3) Blue Lace Agate – To dissolve stress

blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is another very effective crystal for anxiety. Just like the clouds, this beautiful light blue and white-laced crystal helps you soften and dissolve any negative frames of mind or heart. It will work to stimulate and elevate your mind, to restore peace and enhance your communication with others as well as yourself. It helps you reach a place of truth and positivity.

This crystal helps you when you are tired or when you are drowning in stress. If you are feeling at a loss of words; you hurt yourself and others, you throw people out even when you do not mean to, then blue lace agate is the crystal for you, that is the crystals for anxiety.

Other crystals for anxiety possessing similar properties: Lapis lazuli, clear quartz, opal

4) Citrine – To cultivate happiness


crystal stone citrine

Imagine a sunflower in a field, and that’s the perfect way to describe citrine. And just like the flower, the stone opens our hearts and turns it towards warmth. Citrine is an excellent crystal used for depression. I suggest you work with the stone for reminding yourself how you can dance in joy when you feel that you can’t even get up. Let’s suppose that you have a fun weekend and you go to work happy, but the environment there is negative in comparison. Rather than allowing the environment to pull you down, you should open up your heart and share that light with others and raise the environment. When we share our light, everyone wins!


Other crystals possessing similar properties: Quartz, rhodonite, rose quartz, and sunstone.

5) Jet – To protect you and absorb negative energy

jet lignite

These jet-black crystals for anxiety are also known as lignite. It is known as the stone of the night. However, it is not a stone of darkness but powerful and energizing purification.

It provides protection, absorbs negativity, soaks up the bad vibes and soothes any unease that sets in when you are holding on to tension. It works like a sponge and absorbs stress from your body and mind so that your waking days are full of joy.

Maybe you have some positivity and warmth shining out of you, but it is causing some issues with someone close to you. They could be happy on the surface, but you get a feeling that something is bothering them deep within. Rather than letting this affect you, I suggest you to use the jet to envelop you and soak up and dissolve all the negative, toxic energy so that you continue to grow.

Other crystals for anxiety possessing similar properties: Lepidolite, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye



6) Clear Quartz – To get a clearer view

clear quartz

The clear quartz is used for any and all forms of healing. It helps us keep our feet on the ground, and at the same time allowing us to raise our minds. It helps us cut through the self-doubt, painful and repetitive thoughts and stresses that make us feel bad. It helps us reconnect with ourselves by moving us to view life through its crystal-clear lens.

At present, and always more, we associate being socially connected with the act of posting our pictures online. We get a certain kind of high from the likes on social media and digital love heart, ending up in an everlasting circle of social approval and neglect. Instead, go to quartz. See yourself clearly and allow yourself to be seen as you are. The clear quartz is a trusted friend when you want to feel greater connectivity with yourself.


Other crystals possessing similar properties: Amethyst, celestite, citrine, opal

7) Aventurine – To calm anger and irritation


This enriching and beautiful green stone can help you reach blissful mental stability. It is the crystal used for healing depression. By helping you reduce anger and irritation from both inside and out, the vibrations of these precious stones help balance your central nervous system just like hitting restart on your body. The stone takes away the weight of the world from your shoulders and returns a sense of peace to your mind.

Did you get pushed by someone on the train? Did someone overtake you to grab the last spot on the elevator? Or did you collide with someone who was immersed in their phone? What if someone steals your idea at the office and takes credit for it? Take aventurine in your hand and rub it with your thumb. If you do this rather than shouting “Unfair!”, then with each rub, you would be more gentle as the storm dissolves.

Other crystals possessing similar properties: Abalone, amazonite, amethyst, sugilite.


8) Celestite – To enhance divine power and guide spiritually


If you want to feel the calm or guidance of the divine power, celestite is the stone for you. It is one of the best crystals for depression and anxiety. Sometimes life leaves us no choice but to turn to something with much more power than ourselves and this beautiful creamy-white crystal acts as a magical stress reliever.

When you feel like your life is racing past you at a 100 miles an hour, and things are going completely out of your control, celestite will embrace you and give you warmth and energy. Celestite is a go-to crystal for the times when you need the celestial powers, and when you are looking to generate warmth, protection, and possibilities.


Other crystals possessing similar properties: Amethyst, jade, lapis lazuli, malachite





The magic healing power of Crystals 🙂

Now you all know how to exploit the healing power of crystals to fight depression and anxiety.

Heal yourself! Live a life full of joy and inner peace. If the help of crystals is not enough, exploit other techniques and natural medicines to help you get rid of this annoying and self-destructive illness.

I come from a good 14 years of anxiety that I could get fixed only very recently. I tried several methods over the last four years, and only a combination of these methods successfully helped me sharply reduce my anxiety.

I also recognize the fact that if someone overcomes the anxiety or depression illness, such a person will still be prone to it.

People who suffer from these illnesses will never lose their tendency towards them. It is as if we are inclined to experience anxiety or depression because this is the way our brain is structured. But if properly managed, or reprogrammed, these illnesses will give us incredible advantages and will enable us to give the world the best version of ourselves ;), Doesn’t it sound amazing? 🙂

If you found this article interesting and want to go deeper into this topic, I would suggest you a great books from one of my favourite teachers and healer:

QianCannaor 23Pcs Crystals for Beginners with Guide Booklet, 1.7lb Crystals and Healing Stones, Black Tourmaline,7 Chakra Crystal

Crystalya Premium Grade Crystals and Healing Stones for Abundance and Prosperity in Wooden Box

The Crystal Bible (The Crystal Bible Series)

Please, have a look at this article if you want to find out more about this illness, its origins, and how to solve it.

Please, feel free to leave a message below, if you have any questions or feedback 🙂


AC Life




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