Financial Markets can provide great profit opportunities, but if approached unprofessionally can seriously damage your portfolio.
The crypto market doubles this effect due to its high volatility nature, reason why a professional approach is even more required for this market.

Look for Long Term or Short Term market analysis and trade opportunities, according to your preferred trading style.

Our work is based on the use of 3 different trading styles, such as Technical Analaysis, Cyclic Analysis and SMT (Smart Money Trading). Each of these styles give you a different perspective of the current market situation, and if used simultaneously can give you a statistical hedge that is in my opinion basically incomparable with other trading strategies.

Always invest capital that you are willing to lose. It is no coincidence that in the world of trading there is the famous saying ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’.
Reducing your risk will help you avoid negative consequences and actions in case your financial loss were necessary to live your everyday life. Don’t be too avid. #BeMore

Cryptocurrency Packages

Pack 1: Investment Strategy 49$ Month (Promotional Price)*


Crypto and Stock Market Analysis:
Long-Term Trading

This service has been studied to provide a more flexible approach to the financial markets. It exploits higher timeframes, which simply put enable the so-called ‘holding’ effect, a high ROI (Return Of Investment) given by continuously holding the right assets in the right time.

Particularly useful and profitable during bullish markets, this service enables a less-frequent operativity which also reflects both less time spent in front of the graphs and less technical skills required to close the trades in profit.

Only long operations will be performed, which means making money when the market goes up.

Ideal for people who do not like or cannot spend some extra time on their operativity.

Pack 2: Trading Strategy 99$ Month (no leverage will be used or indicated)

Crypto only Market Analysis:
Short-Term Trading

This service has been studied to provide more frequent market analysis, that enables the trader to operate on smaller timeframes and potentially making higher profits. This is particularly useful during bear markets or “congestion zone” markets (prices keep moving within a defined price range).

Even if this service includes more frequent entry and exit signals, it is required that the user has some trading skills, as this will optimize gains and money/risk management. Also, for short operations, it is necessary to know how to trade with futures on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or similar.

This strategy uses both long and short trade entries, which means sometimes to “bet” that the market will go up, and other times that it will go down.

Ideal for people and traders who like or can spend some extra time on their operativity.

Pack 3: Scalping Strategy 199$ Month (high leverage will be used and indicated)
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Crypto only Market Analysis:
Very-Short-Term Trading

We are coming soon…

* The reason for promotional price is based on the current market situation. In a bear market investments perform less than in other market conditions, therefore less entry signals can be provided. As soon as the market turns bullish again, the price will be increased to 99$.

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