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Easy Vipassana Meditation Techniques for Full Body Relaxation

November 24, 2018

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Have you heard of the Buddhist full-body Vipassana Meditation Techniques? We feel attracted to Meditation, but we do not know where to start? Have you heard about spiritual practice, which focuses on the ability of the person to free his mind from thoughts? There are different forms of Meditation. Vipassana Meditation Techniques are good way to relax one’s mind and body.

It is possible to reach extremely deep states of consciousness, that enable you to enter profound trance states. Would you like to reach something called meditative trance?

Vipassana Meditation techniques help the subject acquire a strong mind-body connection. This primordial bond represents the basics of any enlightenment mission.  

However, if you are reading this article, it maybe because you do not have clear clues on how to proceed. But do not worry about it… I am here to help you. I would like to introduce by starting from one of my favorite Meditation Techniques: Vipassana Meditation Techniques.

Vipassana Meditation Techniques: The Buddha Full Body Meditation

The reason to start my web adventure with Vipassana Meditation techniques is that I have a good firsthand experience at it. I had the opportunity to experience, and improve, this amazing technique when I went to Kathmandu, Nepal.

There are different Vipassana Meditation Centers in the world, however, I learned it in a Buddhist temple. Since this practice comes from Buddhist ancient knowledge, I personally felt I will benefit better in Nepal.

Human Body 

We are WAY more than just our physical bodies. We are incredibly complex but perfectly designed being made of different energetic systems. These systems range from the material one (the physical body) to all the interior energetic systems.

Here is an example of our ‘not-only-physical’ body, showing the aura energetic system. As you can see, different energetic fields are present. If demanded, I will create an article about the different energetic fields of our aura. Will mention about how they work and how to interact with them.

The comprehension of this basic but fundamental fact enables us to fully understand ourselves and improve our health. It also helps us find ways to heal ourselves and others.

Vipassana Meditation techniques help you understand and discover several aspects of your body. Unfortunately, this technique might not be enough to deepen the comprehension of our human body and of the reality we live in. At least, it opens our minds and significantly enhances our mind-body connection.

On this website, you will find several articles about the different energetic systems of the body, how they work and how to heal yourself and others through them.

How do Vipassana Meditation Techniques Work?

Over the course of the Vipassana Meditation techniques, teachers explain how we are a living and constant exchange of molecules, that interact with each other. In the end, this interchanging process between atoms occurs throughout our entire life, but we never knew how to feel and understand it with our own body.

The meditator has to focus on any sensation that may arise, including:
  • a sensation of heat
  • a sensation of itchiness
  • ailments
  • micro-movements on your skin
  • inner energies
  • any kind of physical/energetic reaction that you can possibly feel

The deep concentration and state of mind that the meditator needs to get into, in order to feel the physical body as intensively as possible, is a condition that is achieved not only from the Vipassana Meditation techniques itself but also from several other external conditions, that strongly influence the performances of the meditator.

Not only the fundamental knowledge acquired each night before going to sleep, but also the diet and sleep routines that they teach you over the course, are fundamental factors that enable you to enter into deep meditative states.

For example, without an adequate diet, you are not able to have all the energies you would need for proper meditation. Eating heavy food such as meat, fish, sweets, fried food, processed food or any other heavy food, strongly influences your body energy, thus your meditation performances.

If a lot of energy is used for the digestion it is extremely difficult, especially for beginners, to be able to perform an effective meditation, as there would be a lower amount of energy available for the meditation practice, which would usually mean a lack of proper results.

Another factor that strongly influences the performance of the meditator is the environment. Smartphones or any other electronic device is strictly restricted when you do the Vipassana Meditation course.

In this course, one cannot even have anything that can be read, like books, journals, diaries, or any written paper.

Finally, it is a very strict meditation environment and you cannot speak to anyone, not even look into anybody’s eyes!

Silence is the #1 rule for the deep meditators who decide to join the Vipassana Meditation techniques.

Obviously, having the possibility to have a 10 days full immersion meditation practice in a calm and relaxed environment, eating the right kind of food, sleeping the right amount of time and in the right time slots of the day, without any form of distraction or stress, is the best environment you can ever have to achieve maximum results in a very short time.

If you do not have 10 free days for an intensive meditation course, then you can practice by yourself in a quiet place. A place where you feel comfortable and, especially, where no one will interrupt you during your meditation practices.

Vipassana Meditation Procedure

Vipassana Meditation techniques are those where the meditator has to focus its attention on narrower areas of the body.

The meditation training starts with an analysis of the different parts of the body. A full-body scan undergoes, from head to feet, where entire areas of the body are analyzed one by one.

The first step is a long and deep analysis of the head. Here you are meant to concentrate on any little and subtle sensation that you feel coming from the head. When I say sensation, I mean any kind of physical feeling.

Then the meditator has to narrow the scanned area into a smaller one. The process continues as per below (into smaller and smaller areas) once enough practice and perception have been achieved:

  • from the head, we move to the face
  • then from the face, we move to the triangular area that goes from the top of the nose to the extremes of the mouth
  • from the just mention area, we move to the little triangular area between the base of the nose and the extremes of the mouth
  • from this triangular area, we move to the nostrils

Once the meditator has reached a significant body-scan ability, it is then possible to perform a full-body Vipassana Meditation. It consists in progressing the body scan to other parts of the body – from arms to shoulders, hands, belly, back, legs, and feet.

Results of Vipassana Meditation Techniques?

The highest result ever achieved was from Buddha. Out of all the amazing information I gained during the experience, there was one that shocked me the most.

The monks explained to me that, according to ancient knowledge, The Buddha could understand (by feeling it) how many times an electron moves around the nucleus of its own atom (0.00000000000000002 seconds, if I am not wrong).

This is because The Buddha’s ability to deepen into the Vipassana Meditation state was so strong, and laser-focused, that he could feel every single reaction inside his body.

He could also go into deeper states of mind, difficult for us to comprehend by logic, and very difficult to explain by words, as there are concepts and feelings that can only be understood if lived in the first person.

I am talking about things like “The Realm Of Peacefulness”, or the “Non-Duality” reality, a dimension where the duality does not exist. Remember: what is inside, is outside, and vice-versa.

Recent researchers discovered the same astonishing electron-wise findings. They confirmed the actual speed of electrons is exactly 0.00000000000000002 seconds. (conducted these researches in Lund, Stockholm, and Gothenburg in Sweden).

When I went to the course, I remember there were some students who could, by the end of the course, feel their inner energies very clearly: they could feel the energy moving within their body, and I think they were referring to the meridians (but I am not sure, as there are several energetic systems in our body).

Vipassana Meditation Techniques for life: MindBody!

Vipassana Meditation is one of the several fields of knowledge that we can deepen, to acquire experience and consciousness. Also to live a more fulfilling life.

The goal of this website is to provide key solutions to make people’s lives happy and satisfying. I felt like sharing my Vipassana Meditation techniques with the readers. It gives interesting insights that can help to improve both life and the meditation experience.

I am going to take another course of Vipassana Meditation techniques in the coming months. I feel this will further help me with my mental training, and also deepen my Vipassana Meditation knowledge.

A full immersion meditation course strongly enhances your concentration skills by increasing the time you are able to maintain laser-focus attention.

Given the importance of life to be able to maintain a perfectly focused mind for an extended period of time, I am sure this kind of meditation can benefit us all.

In our every-day life, tasks such as working or studying will definitely benefit from the meditation practice. Not only this, but Vipassana Meditation Techniques also provides high levels of inner peace and calmness. It significantly helps fight problems such as Migraine, Headache, Anxiety, Depression, and several other mental disorders.

This is why I strongly recommend vipassana meditation techniques for everyone!

If you start your day with meditation, you not only calm yourself but you also enhance your neural connections.

A more relaxed version of yourself makes you a better person at home, at work, with friends, with your partner. Basically, everything you do in life will be of a higher quality because vipassana meditation techniques help you become more efficient.

A better version of yourself significantly benefits yourself and the people around you!!!

The Vipassana Movement is an organization with no monetary goals. They offer free courses, and also provide free resources online, for you to deepen your knowledge on this fascinating subject.

I found an interesting ebook, which deeply explains the essence of the technique. It can be your map for your inner journey, called “A Map of the Journey“, written by Sayadaw U Jotika.

In this book, they conduct several lectures/instructions over a meditation retreat. 

I would like to finish with one of the quotes I most like:
So, sit next to me if you are too tired to speak, because I am too, fluent in silence.

Just like the Nepalese would say: Namaste my friend!! 🙂


Also have a look at my article, Freedom of Mind.

Please, feel free to leave a message below, if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

Alessandro Cipullo
Consciousness Explorer
Wellness Seeker

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