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Freedom of Mind – A Way To True Naturalness

February 15, 2019

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Have you ever experienced the need for freedom of mind? Did you ever felt there was something wrong with your life?

Maybe you feel there are no places where you really feel at home? Or maybe you felt no one fully understands you?

You need to know that, unfortunately, this is quite normal nowadays.

Freedom of mind is a natural and guilt-free way of thinking where our expressions, emotions, actions, and thoughts can be divulged freely, to anyone, with no expectation of any negative consequence as a result of it.

This is a mental status that is typical in children: they do not think twice when they want to externalize any thought.

We, as adults, cannot be exactly like children, but we can maintain some of their psychological characteristics throughout our life.

If you know someone who is always happy, and you wondered how it is possible to achieve that mental status and freedom of mind, you just came in the right place.

I will explain to you how the comprehension of certain concepts will change the way you look at life, the way you live life and also the way you interpret life.

Obviously, this will represent just the beginning of your journey to a lighter state of mind… the work required to achieve a change in our psychology is often long, but… we must start from somewhere, right?

Let’s be happy, natural, free 🙂


Neuroplasticity for Freedom of Mind

I would like to start with the concept of neuroplasticity.

This is the first element of freedom of mind because, according to neuroplasticity, we can adjust our thinking to our own advantage, allowing us to begin a chain reaction of positive changes.

In order to acquire freedom of mind, important concepts of neuroplasticity must be learned, as this will help achieve the desired mental changes:

  1. The mind works like an advanced transmitter. It needs to be constantly updated like any other software.
  2. We act consistently according to our beliefs and thinking
  3. Brain Plasticity means that the brain can change. When we change our thinking, the brain rewires itself and our actions change too.

These concepts can exist because our brain is not static. Our brain is wired for change and has the ability to constantly rewire itself.

So how does it rewire itself?

The brain takes the information and tries to match it with your reality. This means that it is necessary to act in a way that is consistent with what we think and believe.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to rewire itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

These connections are formed thanks to repetitions: it is the constant repetition of the desired outcome, that will create the outcome itself.

If it is not possible to repeat a true statement (because what you want to rewire in your mind is not true yet, e.g. I am the best at my workplace), then it is required to repeat the false statement until when it becomes true.

When you do it, dialogue with your mind in a very specific way: excite your imagination!

The freedom, that derives from the acknowledgment of specific characteristics of neuroelasticity, regards how the brain can change itself: our mind can create neuron patterns that follow the behavior created (either physically or mentally created).

Since that neuroplasticity works with our thinking, we have to act consistently to our thinking.

When you start thinking different thoughts, the mind starts to rewire itself again: “that’s the same mechanism that brought me into this new way of living my life, an abundant life!! So this must be equally true”.

Change your life by changing to positive thinking, by sticking with your new ways of thought, and forget all the negativity, as this confuses your brain.

The Importance Of Making Mistakes

Unless you are an enlightened person, you, like everyone else, learn from your mistakes.

This is actually the only way you have to learn certain concepts in life.

Why it is important to learn the importance of mistakes when you want to achieve freedom of mind? Here are a few reasons:

  • If you’ve done something wrong, but you will not do it again, then you are forgiven
  • Destructive behaviors tend to be run by guilt
  • Forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve ever made and you’ll become free of the need to sabotage yourself
  • The only way you learn is by making mistakes

You need to know that guilt is a learned emotion, as we learned it through external influence (personal experiences), life and time!

Therefore, if you allow yourself to forgive yourself, you will fully understand the importance of mistakes when you try to achieve freedom of mind.

REMEMBER: Err is human, forgive is divine.

The Fear Of Change

Do you know how fear goes against freedom of mind?

Do you know how many people fear change? Fear to end a relationship, to change job, to move to another country, to change house, etc.?

This is completely normal because our brains are wired for familiarity.

Two fundamental factors regarding the fear of change:
  1. We fear change in case it makes us worse off
  2. When you know you can control and influence the direction of change, the fear of change disappears

In order to overcome the fear of change, which is an old evolutionary hardwire, you need to have absolutely clear that you are able to direct, influence and control the direction of change in your life, and that you can always make it change for the better. When you learn that you can do that, you stop fearing change.

We need to welcome change, to embrace change, to work for change, to make all that change: change for the better!!

Unfortunately, the fear of change is very real: it is actually able to block you from pursuing your dreams if you see change as negative.

When you say a lie about yourself, such as:

“I do not mind having more money, even if I am quite poor, because if I had money I would never see my kids, my friends would just use me, everyone would see when you are coming, etc.”

your mind does not know if it is a lie or not, because, your mind thinks that what you are thinking is real.

What are your fears of change? For example, would you fear becoming an abundant person? Are you sure? Would you really see yourself with a $1 million in your bank account? Think about it…

Think if you would really see yourself with all that money in your bank account, with a Ferrari, and with 3 luxury villas in very expensive places…

Follow your true nature for Freedom of Mind

In order to have freedom of mind, it is fundamental to pursue your given gift: we are all born with a unique gift, that will accompany us through our entire life!

What is your unique gift? Your gift lies directly behind and is connected to, what you loved to do between the age of 7 and 14.

Your gift is that unique thing that you can do very well, and when you find out what that is, then you know your immense value. When you can give your immense value, you take immense value back for yourself.

When you desire something, it is because of the way it would make you feel having it. For example, we buy things that make us feel good.

With the same mental mechanism, we want to follow our true nature, because of the way it would make us feel.

  • I promise: you have a gift, a skill, and a talent.

Think about your skill… How could people benefit from your skill? How could you monetize that talent?

If you eliminate your fear of change, you will realize you are more powerful than you know, more talented than you know!!

You need to have the ambition, the confidence, the mindset, and the self-belief to actually monetize your gift and to believe in yourself. This will give you freedom of mind.

Look at what you can do to make people feel good: if you can make, achieve or create what will make people feel good, then you will ALWAYS BE WEALTHY AND FREE!!

The top 20%, in every category, in every field, are never ever unemployed!!

If you free your mind from fear of change, and you start doing what you love, you will become the top in your category, because you will love what you will be doing.

This is how you can easily achieve the top 20%, and this will strongly enhance your freedom of mind!

Your mind is set up to answer questions. The more you ask the right question, the more it comes with the right answer.

Keep asking your question to yourself over and over again until you get your answer, as your subconscious mind will help you find your answer.

REMEMBER: YOU CAN ONLY BE SUCCESSFUL DOING WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO! Because you do what you love, and you love what you do! When you do what you hate, you pay a price!!

So, now the question is: what did you love doing between the age of 7 and 14?

Psychosomatic Freedom of Mind

Last, but believe me, not least, why is it so important to be spontaneous and free from worries and negativity?

“The sorrow which has no vent in tears, may make other organs weep” by Henry Maudsley.

The feeling that cannot find its expression in tears, may cause other organs to weep.

The above statement means: if you cannot say with your mouth ‘you hurt me’ or ‘I don’t like it here’, then your body will do it for you.

Everything begins in the mind: 70% of physical symptoms are caused by our thinking. The depression, anxiety, asthma, the panic attacks, the illnesses, the phobias, and the allergies, are all real symptoms. They are all real symptoms, driven by thoughts. Doctors still trying to fix symptoms, when they should try to fix the thoughts that drive the symptom. And this is exactly what I love to do! I feel fascinated by how psychosomatic illnesses manifest themselves, and I love finding the energetic/psychological reasons behind them.

Everything originates from your thinking.

For example, you can program yourself to fail by self-thinking negative things.

Humans are the only creatures who can interrupt the body’s ability to heal itself by reacting to a situation over and over and over again. When something stressful happens, we create a physical reaction to it. For example, we create/develop:

  • a stutter, because someone broke into the house and terrified our mom
  • asthma, because our dad left
  • a nervous tummy, because we were left in day-care

Our immune system listens to EVERY word we say


Our mind does what it thinks we want it to do

People who successfully achieve health and wellness, have health and wellness already in their minds; you can’t start fixing your body until you fix the thoughts that infiltrate your body.

You need to create, and fake it until you make it, thoughts such as my body loves training, my body loves crunches, my body loves good food, etc.

It is of extreme importance to express hurt (as close to the hurt occurring as we possibly can) in order to avoid other organs to weep on our behalf.

When you don’t express hurt, it gets stacked up with other hurts, and it eventually turns into anger.

For example, if we keep stopping our kids by telling them: don’t shout, don’t cry, don’t do this, don’t do that, they suppress their feelings and, little by little, these suppressed feelings become illnesses.

This happens because the kid learns that he has to ‘eat’ his feelings, and push them down.

Hurt is like gas: always better out than in. It hurts you more when you keep it in, then when you let it out.

When you can feel your feelings until they no longer require to be felt, you have made it.



The Last Tip of The Day

SOMETHING CAN ONLY GET YOU IF IT IS PERMANENT, PERSONAL AND PERVASIVE. And if you think about it, especially in the psychological field, nearly anything is permanent, personal and pervasive.

You are free to choose wellness at any time. You just need to really want it and express it.

A little exercise for you!! 🙂

While hoping that my article was clear enough to give you some pieces of advice on how to start living your life in a freer and more positive way, I would also like to conclude it with a nice exercise to start comprehending your past unmet needs:


  • I was hurt by:

e.g. My parents when they split up and divorced
e.g. My brother when he didn’t make me feel protected by him

  • I felt hurt when

e.g. My family could not provide me with the affective attentions I needed

  • What hurt me was

e.g. Having a constantly unstable childhood, where I kept relocating


  • Personal
  • Permanent
  • Pervasive

If you cannot say yes to all these 3 characteristics, they CANNOT HURT YOU. They can annoy you, irritate you, but they cannot affect you unless you let them.

Your mind is like a heat-seeking missile: you need to give it a direction.

Free yourself from any current destructing relationship or pattern.

Be Happy, Be Natural, Be Free!

If this article was not enough, and just made you curious about all this incredible stuff, please have a read at my sources of knowledge:

I Am Enough: Mark Your Mirror And Change Your Life

Ultimate Confidence: The Secrets to Feeling Great About Yourself Every Day

You Can Be Younger: Use the power of your mind to look and feel 10 years younger in 10 simple steps

Please, feel free to leave a message below, if you have any questions or feedback 🙂 Also if you would like to go deeper into mental wellbeing, have a read at my article – Vipassana Meditation Techniques. 

Alessandro Cipullo
Consciousness Explorer
Wellness Seeker

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