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How To Get Passive Income? : 7 Effective Ways That Actually Work!

September 27, 2022

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passive income

Want to earn passive income and don’t know where to start? With the Covid-19 epidemic, which took effect in 2021, the idea of passive income gained more importance due to increasing unemployment. Passive income sources are important in terms of providing you with a chance to earn regular money in the process of being suddenly unemployed or in any possible job change.

Which one of us wouldn’t want to make money without doing any work? Passive Income is one of the topics that describes exactly this income system and has attracted attention all over the world in recent years. Passive Income Sources often include ways to earn money without spending a lot of extra time.

The idiom “he/she makes money even while he/she sleeps” is a phrase we use for talented people around us who know how to make money, have correctly divided their work and responsibilities with their employees, and know-how to create time for themselves. After all, one of the main goals of financial independence is to build a wealth of such a size that you don’t need to spend your time making money. So you will be able to enjoy life and devote your days to the things you want to do.

What is Passive Income?

Imagine being able to just sit back and make money doing nothing. This method is something countless people do every day. This money that you earn with little or no effort is known as passive income and puts you on the path to financial independence.

Passive income is a method used to increase people’s income sources. When viewed as active and passive income, active income is the income earned by spending time and energy, and passive income is the opposite method, that is, a method of increasing income sources without spending too much of people’s valuable time. Making money without working may sound too good to be true. Passive income does not happen on its own; requires an upfront investment of money and time. The first step towards accessing passive income is to purchase, create or contribute to cash flow-generating assets. If all goes as planned, the reward for that initial investment is a steady stream of income that you can enjoy over time.

Passive income does not have these limitations. You can earn passively at any age and in any health condition. A larger passive income stream makes you less dependent on your salary and gives you more freedom to spend your time the way you want.

Why Is Passive Income Important?

When people learn that passive income doesn’t take time, they start looking for ways to earn passive income overnight. However, the logic of passive income is to establish a system where you can earn a regular income without having to make an active effort day by day. Of course, it takes effort and time to set up the system, but once you can successfully set up the system, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort to get regular income. The system you have successfully installed already works by itself. Therefore, if you do not have financial resources and you intend to earn income passively, you first need to learn what it means to set up a system and its basic logic.

Of course, automatic income is always good, but passive income offers benefits beyond that. Let’s summarize for you:

-Time is perhaps the most precious thing we have today! Passive income allows you to earn money without working most of the day, as with a full-time job or side job. It gives you the freedom to use your time exactly as you want, not others.

-Allows you to be independent of location. Thanks to your passive income, you can live and work wherever you want in the world.

– It provides financial stability and allows you to take more secure steps for the future. It makes it easier to reach your goals.

– It alleviates the pressure we experience to fulfill material obligations. It reduces the dependency on work and salary. Thus, you will be more comfortable, safe, and free in your decisions.

– Provides support against life’s nasty surprises such as unexpected accident-breakdowns, sudden health problems, or dismissal. When faced with such events, you have room to move, and it also alleviates the financial effects.

Passive Income Types

To earn passive income, you must find a way to turn your knowledge and skills into long-term money without investing too much of your time. For this, you must either use an existing system or set up your system. You can create a passive income stream by purchasing, creating, or contributing to a cash-generating asset.

Buy: Passive income investments include dividend stocks, bonds, annuities, and rental properties. You can also buy a small business.

Create: You can develop a cash-generating product or service.

Contribute: You can invest in an existing business or limited partnership. You can also get an asset you already own ready for sale or lease. Renting a room in your home is an example.

What Should I Do To Create Passive Income?

You can earn passive income by investing in certain financial products or by starting businesses that start generating income from regular work after the initial investment. Here are some of the most common ways investors can earn passive income:

1. Dividend Stocks

The stock market includes a variety of passive income ideas. In particular, you have the chance to regularly earn money on dividend-paying stocks. Dividends are money that companies that make a profit each year pay their investors regularly. Shares of dividend-paying companies are also more than 70% likely to increase during the year. This way, you get passive income from both the rise and the dividend.

2. Rental Income

passive income

One of the most preferred passive income ideas today is to provide rental income. By purchasing and renting out shops and residences, you will have a regular income stream that lasts for many years. Real estate has long been considered one of the most robust ways to build wealth. Investing in real estate used to require much more time, capital, and expertise. However, now the internet has made this asset class much easier to access. In other words, anyone who has money can earn a passive income from real estate investments without having to work.

3. Create a Blog

passive income

Today, especially knowledge and experience-oriented blog sites have significant visitor potential. For example, if you are knowledgeable about sports and enjoy following sports, you can start a sports blog. As people visit your website, you earn money by advertising. You can even use free services to set up the blog site. Social media, which you can use for free to grow the site, provides a great environment.

Creating content can seem overwhelming, especially for businesses that are engaging and reach a large enough audience to generate revenue. However, once you’ve created something people use, it’s possible to generate revenue through display advertising using a program like Google AdSense or by posting sponsored content; this means companies pay you a fee for publishing a post on your blog. Another way to make money from a blog is affiliate marketing, which allows you to earn a commission if your readers buy a product or service you recommend or link to.

4. Buy Stock Photos

passive income

Are you a photographer? Or is it someone who makes photography a hobby? Whatever your answer, you must use your photographic talent and passion! If you want to earn additional income from your photos, you may want to consider selling your images as stock photos. The easiest way to accomplish this is with Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alarmy, etc. using third-party websites. Of course, you will have to work hard to take the photos at the beginning and what you need to pay attention to for them to be sold. However, if you invest a certain amount of time in this business, then money will come to your account as passive income every time your photos are purchased.

5. Application Creation

Now is the age of technology. People have started to meet all their needs with mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, by following the age of technology closely, you can create countless passive income ideas. Creating an app is much easier than in previous years. You can both find more qualified personnel to do the job and do the job at more affordable prices. In addition, in parallel with the increase in advertising opportunities, you can reach large masses of your applications at much more affordable costs. For example, if you are passionate about fitness and have a history of exercising, you can create an exercise app. Hiring someone to create an app for you can be costly. If you’re willing to learn, you can build an app or swap services on your own. Building an app or product is a great source of a passive income!

6. Crypto Staking

passive income

Staking is the process of keeping your cryptocurrencies locked in your wallet for a certain period without spending or transferring them to support the operations of a cryptocurrency chain. From these crypto coins you lock, you earn reward crypto money at certain rates during the period you lock. First, you need to find out which cryptocurrencies can be staked. Because it is not possible to stake all cryptocurrencies in the market. Of course, there will also be a minimum amount for the cryptocurrency you will stake. You need to have that amount of crypto money in your hand. If you meet these conditions and you have a crypto wallet, you can start earning passive income by adding your crypto coins to the stake pool.


7. Dropshipping on Amazon

Dropshipping is a supply chain method in which the retailer does not keep the goods in stock but instead transfers the customer’s orders and shipping details to the manufacturer, another retailer, or wholesaler who will ship the products directly to the customer.

Sellers who want to dropship on Amazon work directly with a wholesaler and buy the products they sell at a discount. The profit is the difference between the initial cost of the product and the selling price.

You too can set up your own Amazon store and be ready to accept orders within 24 hours! However, as we mentioned in the e-commerce section, it is important to do thorough research on choosing which products to sell. You should find a product that is in high demand and has a low competition rate and start with it.


Passive income is an important element to ensure your financial independence. It doesn’t matter whether you have millions of dollars to invest or if all you have is lots of free time or a spark of creativity. Passive income can work for you just like anyone else. While it takes a little money and a lot of courage to get started, the passive income generation ideas on this list will continue to make you money long after you get started.

Time is our most limited resource. So we need to be realistic about what we can do. Trying to make more money or earn passive income often requires us to acquire new knowledge and skills. This means taking your time. It is when this initial phase begins to take up most of our time that we need to take a step back and think. Remember, your long-term goal is to minimize your time investment, but while doing this, you should not neglect the active work you do today and you should know that only promising businesses have passive income potential.

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