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How to Invest Like Warren Buffett: What You Can Learn From One of the World’s Best Investors

November 7, 2022

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Why must you start investing? Simply putting your money in a savings account won’t increase your wealth. In fact, inflation often outstrips any interest you earn. You must get your money to make money while you are busy with life. Setting aside money and investing it wisely is a good way to continuously grow your income and reap the rewards in future.

Yes, investing can seem intimidating at first. Most people are wary of putting their hard-earned money on the line, but with some research and due diligence, you can build a robust investment portfolio. If you want to learn how to invest money, but don’t know where to begin, here are some rules by legendary investor Warren Buffett that can help you formulate an investment strategy. 

Warren Buffett is arguably the greatest investor of all time and has amassed his money so highly that he is now the seventh richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg.

Buffett is unique among the world’s rich as he amassed his wealth by investing and reinvesting his capital in a number of different businesses before eventually taking control of Berkshire Hathaway, which today serves as its primary investment vehicle.

Buffett’s reputation has grown significantly over the years, thanks to his tremendous success, integrity, and willingness to speak publicly about his investment philosophy and other topics. Berkshire’s annual shareholders’ meeting was once held in a small cafeteria with only a dozen or so people, but today it attracts tens of thousands of people and is broadcast online.

Investing like Warren Buffett is not as difficult as you might think. You probably know at least a few of Warren Buffett’s tips for investment success :

– Only invest in businesses you understand

 -Focus on long-term value, not short-term stock price.

-Buy with the intention to hold — otherwise, don’t buy.

 To sum it up in one sentence, Buffett invests in big businesses that trade for less than their intrinsic value, and then continues those investments as long as they remain big businesses.

Obviously, there’s more to the story than that. In this article, we’ll dig a little deeper into Buffett’s investing style, providing some examples of how he implemented his investing philosophy.



Warren Buffett’s Investing Philosophy Steps

Much of Buffett’s investment process is proprietary, so we don’t know exactly how he researches investments. These are some of the most important Buffett investing principles that you can incorporate into your own investing strategies:   

Invest in What You Know

Many of us have spent our entire careers working in a handful of different industries. We probably have a strong understanding of how these particular markets work and who the top companies are in this space. However, the vast majority of publicly traded companies are in industries where we have little or no direct experience. This does not mean that we cannot invest capital in these areas of the market, but it is prudent to be cautious. In our view, the vast majority of companies run jobs that are very difficult for me to understand comfortably. Such complex issues materially affect the earnings of many companies in the market, but are arguably unpredictable.

Never invest in what you don’t understand.” said Warren Buffett, if he doesn’t understand how a company makes money, or if he doesn’t know what could fundamentally affect that industry in the next ten minutes, he doesn’t invest in that industry/company. For example, he is known for not investing much in the technology sector.

There are too many fish in the sea to be obsessed with studying a company or industry that is too difficult to understand. This is why Warren Buffett has historically avoided investing in the technology sector.

Approach your investments with a long-term mindset

One of Warren Buffett’s most important quotes about investing that you can absorb is: “If you don’t want to own a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes.”

He doesn’t choose stocks because he thinks their prices will rise this week, this month, or even this year. Buffett buys stocks because he wants to own these businesses in the long run. He still sells stocks frequently and for a variety of reasons, but he approaches most of his investments with a forever mindset.

Warren Buffett said, “Someone is sitting in the shade right now because some people planted trees a long time ago.” Planting a variety of seeds and watering them regularly will provide shade that can improve your life later on. This could include getting rid of shadow debts or paying for education for your children.

It is very important at this point to see money as a long-term game. This view is central to Buffett’s investment decisions. So much so that the famous businessman stated in a letter he wrote to shareholders in 2014 that people should invest with a ten-year horizon.

Seeing your finances as a lifetime endeavour can help you stay on track despite all the difficulties encountered. This gives you a financial foundation.


Think in Possibilities

Bridge is a card game where top players can evaluate mathematical probabilities to beat their opponents. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Buffett loves to play bridge and plays actively, bringing strategies beyond the game into the world of investing.

Buffett suggests that investors focus on the economics of the companies they own and then try to weigh the probability that certain events will occur, such as when a Bridge player checks the odds of their competitors. He adds that by focusing on the economic side of the equation, not the stock price, an investor will be more accurate in his ability to judge probability.

Thinking in possibilities has its advantages. For example, an investor considering the possibility that a company will report a certain rate of earnings growth over a five or ten-year period is much better suited to avoid short-term fluctuations in the share price. Additionally, this means that returns on investment will likely be higher, as well as incurring fewer transaction and/or capital gains costs.

Learn About Finance

Part of investing in yourself is learning about finance. Buffett once said, “The risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” So the more you know about personal finance, the more you reduce the potential risks.

The implication of what Buffett was saying is that people actively educate themselves about personal finance.

Buffett’s partner, Charlie Munger, has a similar opinion. According to Munger, you need to set aside an hour for yourself every day and use that hour effectively to better yourself.

Understanding Psychology

To summarize, it is very important for the investor to be psychologically strong for the decisions that can be taken in any situation. More specifically, the successful investor will focus on probabilities and economic issues while allowing decisions to be driven by rational as opposed to emotional thinking.

More than anything else, investors’ own emotions can be their worst enemies. Buffett claims that the key to overcoming emotions is to be able to maintain faith in the real fundamentals of the business and not worry too much about the stock market.

Investors should understand that there is a certain psychological mindset that they must have if they want to be successful, and they should try to apply that mindset.


While Buffett has numerous philosophies about investing, none can beat his golden rule: “Rule #1 is never to lose money. Rule #2 is to never forget Rule #1.” This may seem like an easy rule if you’re an investment genius like Buffett, but it may sound impossible to the rest of us. Truth be told, even Buffett has suffered losses on his investments in the past. But this golden rule reflects a deeper truth: No investment is risk-free, and every investment should be approached rationally.

Warren Buffett’s investment advice is timeless. I can no longer keep track of the number of investment mistakes I’ve made over the years, but almost all of them are related to one of the following 10 investment advice given by Warren Buffett.

By keeping Buffett’s stock market advice in mind, investors can avoid common pitfalls that could hurt their investments or jeopardize their financial goals.

According to Buffett, investors should be concerned about what is going on in the market. It’s not about who likes or dislikes which stock. By focusing on objective realities, investors can make relatively unemotional and more useful decisions.

In addition, if you want to understand Buffett more, we recommend you to watch the 2017 documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett”.

You can also browse our page to get ideas about your investments.


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