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Ways To Relieve Stress – 8 Tools To Reduce Stress By Balancing Triple Warmer – Spleen

November 3, 2020

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ways to relieve stress

How to relieve stress? Haven’t we all tried to find the answer to ways to relieve stress at some point in our lives? In today’s world, we cannot escape stress, and some of it can even be good. It can push us to give the best of ourselves in a challenging situation, like a job interview. But, too much stress can damage our health. Many of us suffer from frequent headaches, back pain, heartburn, and unexplained allergy attacks. These could all be signs of stress, according to the American Institute of Stress.

Stress can also have a negative effect on our emotions. It can make us feel lonely, and affect our work lives too. Moreover, research says that stress can also lead to severe depression

Thus, we can see that finding ways to relieve stress is important for our health and happiness. And this is where energy medicine can help us. Donna Eden, a leading light in the field of holistic medicine, shows us the ways to relieve stress. Donna’s easy demonstrations of energy medicine explain how we can direct our energy for ways to relieve stress. Her techniques helped her get rid of allergies and asthma as well.

Let’s find out how she balances out meridians in human bodies, energizes organs, and helps with ways to relieve stress. 

How to Use Energy Medicine to Fuel and Ground our Energy 

In the previous chapters, we learned how to understand and use our energies to our benefit.  With Donna Eden, we re-discovered the Eastern knowledge of energies. She defined some grounding techniques to reduce stress as well. We mastered the simple exercises that balance our energies and give us benefits, like:

  • Thinking with clarity
  • Focusing our minds
  • Clearing headaches and mental blocks
  • Releasing toxins from the body
  • Connecting with our bodies’ energy circuits 

We already know how to boost our vitality. We can now clear pathways to let our bodies take-in good energies. We have also learned how to connect our body’s energies to the Earth’s magnetic field. Now, let’s understand the meridians better.

What are the Body Meridians?

Meridians are the body’s energy network. Our energies flow through these channels and fuel our organ systems. This energy allows us to eat, move, breathe, think, feel and anything else we do in life. These lines flow along every part of our body, like veins, and go deep into the body, carrying energy to the organs.

Stress can bring up blockages in this system. It can lead to a lack of energy in some regions of the body, or to extra energy in other areas. This, as a result, imbalances our bodies.

Let’s now understand the meridians’ flow and function better, to learn ways to relieve stress.

How do Meridians Recharge and Boost our Health?

ways to relieve stress

The 14 meridians in our body continuously flow in a precise pattern and direction. Most of the meridians are named after the primary organ to which it supplies energy. For example, the spleen meridian flows through and drives energy to the spleen, and other organs and body systems close to it. This energy recharges the organ. 

The 14 meridians are:

1. Spleen
2. Heart
3. Small Intestine
4. Bladder
5. Kidney
6. Circulation Sex
7. Triple Warmer (TW)
8. Gall Bladder
9. Liver
10. Lung
11. Large Intestine
12. Stomach
13. Central
14. Governing

Each meridian feeds the next meridian. For example, the heart meridian feeds energy into the small intestine meridian, which in turn feeds energy into the bladder meridian, and so on.

In their role as energy channels, meridians affect every organ and body system. This includes:

  • The Immune System which helps our body to fight diseases 
  • The Nervous System which is made up of the nerves, brain, and the spine
  • The Endocrine System which controls our hormones
  • The Circulatory System which supplies blood throughout our body
  • The Respiratory System that helps us breathe
  • The Digestive System that makes sure we can digest our food 
  • The Reproductive System that helps us give birth
  • The Skeletal System that helps us move
  • The Muscular System that governs all our bodily functions
  • The Lymphatic System that transports lymph fluid and acts as the first line of defense against diseases

Apart from the Central and Governing meridians, each of the other 12 meridians has 2 hours of “high-tide”. At this time, it is the most highly charged and active. Again, 12 hours later, each meridian gets a 2-hour time-frame of “low-tide,” when it is at rest. The meridian opposite to it is active at that point.

Meridians connect our body, mind, and spirit. Whole-Self Balance is crucial in the proper functioning of these meridians. Any blockage in these meridians hampers the energy flow and weakens the system that gets nourishment from that meridian. As a result, too much or too little energy can lead to health concerns. Thus, we must work at balancing the meridians to heal our bodies and mind.

How do the TW and Spleen Meridians protect us?

TW impacts our immune system’s ability to recognise and destroy harmful substances. It regulates our body’s fight-flight-freeze response when we face anything potentially dangerous. It controls our body’s ability to survive.

TW’s Working Strategy 

  • Whenever the TW senses a threat, it becomes active. 
  • Also, in its bid to keep us alive, it draws energy away from other meridians (except Heart) focusing only on survival. 
  • Inside our body, TW sparks the immune system that protects us against germs foreign to our system. 
  • For outside threats, our stress response – the fight-or-flight strategy – comes into play. If something threatens us, our body goes into the fight mode to fight the danger. Otherwise, it goes into the flight mode to move away from it. 
  • TW also helps the adrenal glands to release the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones put our body on high alert, and help us regulate the fight-or-flight senses. 

Therefore, we can see that keeping the TW calm is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress response.

Spleen’s Working Strategy 

  • Maintaining harmony among energy systems: Whenever any energy system lacks energy or loses its balance, the spleen meridian acts with the rest of the energy systems. It restores balance throughout the meridians. 
  • Effect on pancreas: Apart from the spleen, the spleen meridian also governs the pancreas. It helps our body’s metabolism. Apart from digesting food, metabolism also has a role in processing new emotions or experiences. Thus, the spleen meridian also governs our happiness and makes us sense how pleasant life is. A weak, under-energized spleen will fail to make us feel joy.
  • Adapting to foreign substances: Spleen meridian is the opposite of the TW system. It helps our bodies adjust to new things. Hence, a healthy spleen meridian is a solution to the question of ways to relieve stress. Because when our body senses new elements as not foreign, it will not activate the stress response.
  • Effect on heart: We should also remember that the spleen meridian feeds the heart. Donna says that this is why the spleen hours see more heart attacks than any other time of the day. If the spleen meridian gets weak and lacks energy, it cannot fuel the heart. Therefore, it is essential to keep the spleen strong.

What happens when the TW goes on an “Overdrive”?

Failure to distinguish between a real threat and minor stress 

Since our environment is so different from the one in which TW evolved, it is always finding possible threats. In modern times, several factors can make us feel unpleasant. For example, when our computer crashes, we feel stress though it is not a life-threatening situation. However, the TW cannot sense the difference. It is on guard, ready to take action in some form. Our hectic lifestyle thus exposes TW to several stressors all day long, confusing it and making it hyperactive.

Overload of foreign elements in the environment

The TW will attack whatever it does not recognise. Its aim is that if anything is not familiar, it is not needed. Now, in today’s world, there are pollutants all around and countless toxins in our food. As a result, our TW is always facing risky elements that are foreign to our bodies. It is on high alert always, trying to protect us. And for this, it needs extra energy.

What is the relation between Spleen and TW Meridians?

The spleen meridian is directly opposite to the TW meridian in the Energy Flow Chart. There always is an energy connection between opposites. As a result, TW, when it is activated, first taps the spleen meridian for energy because of their paired nature. Thus, with TW meridian hyperactive, spleen meridian is under-energised while TW meridian is over-energised most of the time. Therefore, balancing the partner meridians spleen and TW is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. 

Ways to Relieve Stress by Balancing the Spleen Meridian and the TW? 

ways to relieve stress

When the TW and spleen meridians are in harmony, TW feels safe. It supports our ability to handle the demands of modern lifestyles. So, when we look for ways to relieve stress, we have to:

  • Teach TW meridian to distinguish between real stresses and smaller ones, like irritation over someone’s rudeness, or traffic jams
  • Catch TW meridian from going into overdrive to prevent it from releasing stress chemicals into our body 

So, the calmer the TW, the more energized the other meridians are. It improves our overall health, and the best ways to relieve stress.

How to Relax TW and make Spleen Meridian Strong?


This is one of the best ways to relieve stress and calm the entire energy system.

How to:

  • First, put your fingers softly on your eyelids.
  • Take a deep breath through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.
  • Draw your fingers over the eyelids to your temples.
  • Hold your fingers there for one deep breath.
  • Take another deep breath and slowly slide your fingers smoothening the skin from your temples above your ears.
  • Glide your fingers behind your ears as you breathe out.
  • Press the fingers down the sides of your neck.
  • Push your fingertips into the back of your shoulders and hang your hands from them.
  • Take in two deep breaths as you stay like this.
  • When you are ready, draw your fingers over your shoulders, maintaining some pressure.
  • Drag your fingers to the middle of your chest and cross your palms over your Heart.
  • Finally, inhale deeply and breathe out.


When we are looking for how to relieve stress before sleep, this exercise can help us. It drains excess energy from TW and thereby brings a sense of calmness.

How to:

  • To start, place the fingers of your right hand on your left temple.
  • Stay there for two breaths.
  • Then slowly move your fingers up over the left ear, then around and down its back.
  • Trace your fingers down the left side of the neck and over the left shoulder.
  • Continue dragging the fingertips down to the end of the left arm.
  • Slide the fingers off the tip of the fourth finger on your left hand.
  • Trace this path 3 times.
  • Repeat on the opposite side with your left-hand fingers starting at the right temple.


You can do this procedure yourself or take the help of a partner for maximum stress relief.

How to:

  • First of all, sit comfortably.
  • Then place your left hand just above the right elbow.
  • Also, place the fingers of the right hand just below the right knee. 
  • Apply firm pressure on these two meridian sedating points for 2-3 minutes
  • Next, repeat on the other side.
  • After this, with your left hand, hold the groove between the ring and the little finger behind your right hand.
  • Place your right-hand fingers beside the little toe on the right foot.
  • Stay in this position for 1.5 – 2 minutes.
  • Repeat with the other side.


The spleen meridian runs from 

  • the outside of the big toe 
  • along the inside of the leg to the hip
  • up the side of the body to the armpit
  • down to the bottom of the ribcage 


This exercise boosts metabolism, clears energy blockages, and helps adapt to changes, resulting in ways to relieve stress.

How to:

  • First, trace the spleen meridian backward.
  • Start with your fingers at the bottom of the rib cage
  • Drag your fingers up to the armpit
  • Then down along the side of your body to the hip
  • Next down the inside of your leg to the outside of the big toe
  • After this, trace the meridian forwards thrice (from outside big toe upwards to armpit and then to the bottom of the rib cage)


The Neurolymphatic Reflex points for the spleen meridian are under the breasts. Tapping on them improves metabolism, regulates hormones and energies, and flushes out toxins. Thus, it is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

How to:

  • Start with tapping or energetically rubbing on the spleen points.
  • Next, staying on the same rib, move your fingers to the sides of your body.
  • Tap with full energy.


This process boosts energy cross-over all through the body, and one of the ways to relieve stress, and fuels lymph flow into all the organs.

How to:

  • Stand, sit or lie down comfortably.
  • Cross your arms over your chest.
  • Place your palms into your armpits.
  • Put your thumbs straight up and press into your chest.


It is beneficial in sedating the TW. The exercise shifts energy from stress response to supporting immunity. Also it is one of the instant ways to relieve stress.

How to:

  • Start by wrapping your left arm around your body across your chest.
  • Next place the left hand just above the right elbow.
  • Then wrap your right arm around your body and place the palm below your left breast.
  • Stay in this position as you take three deep breaths.
  • Repeat by reversing sides.

Apart from these, the Blow Out method and Holding Neurovascular (NV) Reflex Points are also some of the ways to relieve stress.

Can Energy Medicine Techniques Cure Chronic Stress?

Practicing Energy Medicine does soothe our minds when we feel acute stress. But, when our stress response becomes chronically overactive, we have to be patient and give it some time to change. Learning ways to relieve stress involves mindfully trying to improve our habits. Likewise, we should strive to evolve our energies to adapt them to the changing times. It will soothe our TW and balance the energies, gradually improving our overall health and happiness.

If you found this article interesting and want to go deeper into this topic, I would suggest you a great books from one of my favourite teacher and healer Donna Eden:

In the next article, we learn how to use energy tests to make healthy choices.

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