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How To Use Energy Test To Make A Healthy Choice

November 3, 2020

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Fact: We can test the energy of the items that are worn on our body such as eyeglass or a piece of jewelry. It’s interesting how objects can keep our body’s energy in balance, isn’t it?

healthy choice

Based on kinesiology, energy testing is a technique to check the energy flow in the body through our muscles. It provides current information about our energy systems.

In the previous articles on energy medicine, particularly in chapter 2, we talked about energy testing. How we can reliably assess, in any given moment, our body’s unique energies and energy fields, and their fluctuations.

In this chapter, we’ll be learning another great way to communicate with our body: Energy Testing, and how to make a healthy choice.

So, are we ready to learn what Energy Testing is and why making a healthy choice is so important? Before we begin, we’ll go through the daily energy routine which includes a group of exercises.

Here’s the quick routine for home health testing: Crossover shoulder pull > Thump your thymus > Thump your spleen points > Cross crawl > Short Wayne Cook > Third eye > Crown pull > Neurolymphatic reflex point > Lung and gall bladder point > Zip-up > Hook up

And we’re now set for next to clear our mind and energy.

Energy Testing is a mind and body technique that can help us keep a check on our body’s responses. That includes food, supplements, personal items, environmental conditions, and even energy exercises. “Muscle testing” or energy testing is carried out by a practitioner who asks questions to the body. It may sound weird, but that’s how it works.

This type of energy testing is generally quite accurate. We can get details about the flows, blockage, and patterns of energy movements in the body. Learning how to self-test our energy is the key to making healthy choices. It improves long-term vitality.

Perform energy testing regularly to understand and strengthen the flow of your energy through the meridians. Energy testing is a form of art. Eventually, when we find success with practice, we can feel the tiny details of how the energy feels as we check it.

How to use Energy Tests to make Healthy Choices

It’s said that our energies are as unique as a fingerprint. Energy testing is a tool to make positive healthy choices. To get started with Home Health Testing, we need to follow the Energy Testing Guidelines to get the most out of it.

  • Step 1: Take the position to be held and the direction for exerting pressure. Ask the individual to hold, give a head start notice, and then apply even, gradual pressure.

Tip: Avoid the beginner’s error to “jump the gun”.

  • Step 2: Press for only one to two seconds. Do not force the muscle. This is an energy test, not a test of muscle strength. If it’s painful, stop it.
  • Step 3: By starting with minimal pressure and gradually increasing the pressure, within 2 seconds you’ll sense the locking of the muscle. It may give way with only a light touch.

Tip: There should be enough pressure to feel the muscle response.

  • Step 4: If the limb moves two inches and bounces back, the energy is moving through the muscle. This response is rated as strong. Again, do not use force.
    Tip: home health testing calls for the three points of the “Rule of 2s”: 2 pounds (maximum),  2 inches, 2 seconds (maximum)

Getting ready for Energy Testing with the daily Energy Routine

healthy choice

Now that the warm-up is over, we’re ready to begin with the energy testing routine. This simple tutorial is a great exercise for both learning and improving our energy testing skills.

To get started, follow the testing sequence:

1.Check for injury or other testing limitations

Before starting the test, ensure if they have any preference or injuries to be aware of. You don’t want the aah’s and ooh’s!

2. Check the General Indicator or spleen meridian energy test. Is it strong?

A. If not, rub the K-27 points acutely for a few seconds, then retest.

B. If not strong yet, try actively thumping the K-27, Thymus, and Spleen Neurolymphatic reflex points.

If the spleen meridian is not strong enough, strengthen them with The Triple Warmer Smoothie and Flush Spleen Meridian.

The Spleen Meridian Energy Test

Set the intention of the energy test, because it needs to be accurate and beneficial. If required, invite a person to set an intention to allow the body’s energies to dialogue with the tester.

  1. Stand to the side of the person while testing.
  2. Ask the tester to hold the arm you want to test, moving straight down the side of the body, with the palm facing back and thumb alongside the thigh. Fingers should be open and elbow straight.
  3. Place one hand on the shoulder of the arm being tested.
  4. Place the palm of your other hand between your partner’s arm and body, just above the wrist. Gently pull straight outward and away from the body for about two seconds, as your partner resists the pull. (Ask the person to “hold” or “meet my pressure” before you begin to apply the pressure.)
  5. By exerting pressure gradually, the energy flow can be sensed. You can begin to distinguish between a strong response from a weak response. Some people will show very little variation, while others will show a marked difference.

Moving on to the next is how to test food, supplements, and personal items. Can one really test the energies from objects? The answer is a big yes.

healthy choice

Energy Testing of personal items can tell us whether the vibration of the object is in sync with our vibration. If a substance is in energetic harmony, the muscle will stay strong while the substance was placed in our energy field. If it is not in harmony with our energies, the muscle will test weak.

Always use the spleen meridian when testing substances.

How to do it:

  • Begin with a strong Spleen energy test.
  • Hold the substance to the solar plexus and test Spleen. If the energy test which was detected strong now tests weak while held to the solar plexus, it means that the substance is out of harmony with the body’s energies.
  • If the energy test stays strong, the substance is in harmony with the body’s energies, which is ideal.
  • Now, energy testing is dependent on multiple factors. Here are a few things to check to improve the reliability of the tests:

1. Does the energy in the muscle respond to true/false statements?

This works just like a lie detector test. It measures fluctuations in the electrical activity of the skin when a person tells a lie. Similarly, speaking a lie also impacts the energy flows of the body and can be detected by an energy test. Here’s how:

  • Ask the person to repeat a false statement. “I’m wearing a sunglass” (when it is actually a spectacle) or “My name is Bob” (when it is Mike). Make sure the “false” statement used is vague.
  • If a false statement does not result in a weak energy test, or a true test shows weak, press the K 27 points deeply for a few seconds and retest.
  • If a true statement detects as weak or a false statement detects as strong, the person being tested (or the tester!) may have a problem with scrambled energies.
  • Have both parties do the Cross Crawl and Wayne Cook exercises, and then retest. If the true/false statements are still not accurate during the energy testing, both must do the Homolateral Crossover exercise.

2. Are expectations or emotions impacting the outcomes of your tests? Are you familiar with the person you are testing?

  • Clear your mind and ask the person you are testing to do it too.
  • While practising the ‘Beginner’s Mind,’ take a deep in-breath together and exhale together during retest. The beginner’s mind is what we practice in meditation. It is like seeing it with fresh eyes.
  • Hold points at the back of the head where the neck meets the skull (the Electric Points).

3. Does eye contact affect results?

Eye contact usually disturbs the energy flow test. To prevent this, avoid direct eye contact.

Tip: Remove watches, cell phones, and certain types of jewellery to improve the accuracy of results.

How to Self-Test Energy?

Various methods can be used to self-test energy. I suggest checking whether the self-testing method responds to a clear true/false statement, or not.
However, there are three ways to energy test yourself, which you can do as a part of the home health testing:

1. Using a weight

Find a barbell to lift easily when holding it at the side of your leg and pulling it out from your body (the same motion as in the spleen meridian test). This is to be done while making a true statement, but not while making a false statement. Alternatively, you can fill a jug; use a filled water bottle with water or sand to get the right weight.

2. Using your body as a pendulum

To read the effect something has on our body, this home health testing is especially helpful. While standing, hold the substance in question over your solar plexus with one hand, and:

  • Place your other hand over the first hand.
  • Bring elbows to your sides and breathe in deeply.
  • Release thoughts while releasing the breath.
  • Using your body as a pendulum let it fall forward or backward to indicate strong or weak.

What does it indicate?

If you’re drawn forward, there’s harmony between you and the substance. If you’re pushed backward, there’s disharmony. This test can be done to check our body’s tolerance for food, vitamins, or any other supplement.

3. Self-testing using the leg muscles

One of the easiest ways to test ourselves is to use the thigh muscle. While sitting down, lift one leg slightly off the chair and extend your foot 30° forward. Then, push downward on your knee. A locked or strong muscle will not allow the leg to move. An unlocked or weak muscle will collapse back to the chair.

Free the diaphragm  

We should all know that the diaphragm helps the oxygen to enter our body via the lungs. The same theory applies here, when we need to keep our body’s rhythm in check, and make a healthy choice for ourselves. It supports the function of various valves in the body. At the same time, it helps to spread oxygen and energy to our brain and body.

How to do it:

1. Firmly place your left hand under the centre of your rib cage and place your right hand on top of it.

2. With your hands flat, pull your elbows close to your body to hug the midsection.

3. Inhale deeply and push your body toward your hands while your hands push back against your body.

4. Hold your breath and push hard. Although there is no set amount of time, the longer you hold your breath and push (but not to the point of feeling lightheaded), the better.

5. Release your breath naturally, along with your hands.

6. Repeat about three times.

7. Then, on an in-breath, reach your right hand around the left side of your waist with your fingers spread.

8. On the out-breath, pull your fingers to your navel with pressure.

9. Repeat several times.

10. Repeat several more times with your left hand crossing your right side.

11. Place your hands on your hips with your thumbs reaching back. Pull your thumbs up over your hips and smooth the energy down your legs with both hands.

Reset your Body’s Valves

Both the Ileocecal valve (near the colon) and the Houston valves (transverse folds of the rectum) play an important role. They extract nutrients from food and let go of unwanted substances. When these valves are out of sync, it can lead to serious illnesses. However, both valves can be reset with a simple energy exercise. Besides, the other benefit of resetting these valves is aiding the function of other important valves.

How to Reset the Ileocecal and Houston valves?

  • Place both hands on your hip bones with your little fingers at the inside edges. Your right hand is over the Ileocecal valve, and your left hand is over the Houston valve. Resetting both valves creates symmetry between them.
  • Exert pressure as you push in, and slowly drag the fingers of each hand up six to seven inches, just inside each hipbone with a deep inhalation. Shake the energy off your fingers with the out-breath, and return to the original position. Repeat four times. End by dragging your thumbs down, from the waist to the hip bones, one time with pressure.

How to Develop Healthy Choices and Habits?

How was it so far? Do all the above activities feel refreshing? We’ve moved ahead so well, and learned how to use energy testing for our benefit. We can even check whether foods, vitamins, and personal items are in harmony with our energies. I have to say, the results of energy testing improve with practice, and not overnight. Hang in there.

The quote, ‘practice puts brains in your muscle’ by Samuel Snead can’t be more relevant than now. Use the spleen meridian test while performing the test with a partner, or use the Pendulum test for self-testing. Remember to record your results to keep track of questions.

If you found this article interesting and want to go deeper into this topic, I would suggest you a great book from one of my favourite teacher and healer Donna Eden: 





The next chapter will help you apply Energy Medicine techniques to a common challenge. Get ready for Working With Pain.

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