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What Is Kama Sutra? 10 Saucy Secrets Of Modern Kama Sutra

January 28, 2021

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The idea of ‘Sex’ has been widely studied over the centuries. Did you know that the Kama Sutra is the world’s oldest and most-read work on sexual pleasure?

kama sutra

The relation between sex and culture goes back into time. Intimacy has been an important part of our roots. It has been considered as the ‘essence’ because it gives birth to a new life. Sex has been seen as sacred, and even worshipped in many cases.

As of today, both the experience as well as the expression of sex has transformed. Similarly, the needs, views, values and mindset around sex have also changed. Gender roles and ties have taken on new forms. But despite sex being such an important part of human evolution, many of us still refuse to accept this basic pleasure of life without guilt. 

It is widely believed that Kama Sutra, also known as scriptures of desire, is not just about sex. It is all about the lessons of life and liberalism.

Let’s learn a little more about its origin. We need to go back to a time in history where there was not as much taboo and shame around sexuality, as there is today.

What is the History of Kama Sutra?

Kama Sutra took birth in ancient India. It began as a concept that believed that desires tie the world together. 

The Kama Sutra temples of India were made thousands of years ago. Best known for erotic carvings, these shrines depict much beyond just the act of sex. Popular sandstone sculptures of God and Goddesses show various Kama Sutra positions. Each piece of art is a beautiful blend of sacredness and sexuality. Together, they hold the emotions of joy, grace and courage, rare in the context of sex today. 

These temples of love speak of devotion, intimacy and exposure in its purest form. 

The stress is more on getting pleasure in all relationships of life. It is an example of how desire can bring out the best in a person and grow their personal power. These are meant to be used as guidelines for good living. 


What is the Significance of Ancient Kama Sutra in Today’s Times?

The world sees Kama Sutra as a brilliant and timeless portrait of love and pleasure. Its importance has travelled well across centuries, from ancient times to ours.

kama sutra

In the era gone by, people devoted themselves to the experience of lovemaking. The ancient art of sexuality threw light on the philosophy and theory of love. It spoke about what prompted desire, what nurtured it, and how and when it is good or bad.

Thanks to the global appeal of this theory of love, Kama Sutra has a unique relevance even in modern times. Today, we can try out and explore our pleasure potential with ancient Kama Sutra positions. The secret lies in thinking of sex as a superior, sacred and beautiful feeling. The idea is to see it as the union of two souls making love, and experiencing erotic pleasure as one. 

All we need to do is look at the art of lovemaking in the spirit of Kama Sutra. It is only then that we will begin treating our own body, as well as that of our partner, as a temple of love. It will soon become more than just another piece of flesh and blood. It will represent the home of worship and a place of prayer.

This belief holds the power to change regular sex into a divine experience. It will lead to lovemaking, not just between sexual organs, but also the hearts. 

The spirit of Kama Sutra can stir up an intimate sense of devotion. And this devotion can bring out the best in us, inside our bedrooms. We will make love with passion like never before. We will also defeat all our inhibitions. And we will experience sex in a way that is mind-blowing and beyond anything we thought was possible before.

What is Modern Kama Sutra?

When the ancient art of lovemaking is applied in the modern context, it gives birth to Modern Kama Sutra.

This very concept can help us shed the taboo around sex. The same can also make us more present, aware and in touch with our own body. It is sure to get us to open up about our feelings of intimacy. These we may have shut down, deep within our hearts, due to social pressure and the false concept of sexual shame.

What are Hidden Secrets of Kama Sutra?

kama sutra

To enhance sex, we must start by knowing how to make the best of not just the act, but also the emotions that go with it. As we gear up for a steamy sex session, here are some good moves that we can adopt for a great experience.

  1. No judgements: Is it not okay to be yourself? Having judgements in a relationship tells our partner just that. Judgment can be one of the most damaging weapons in any bond. This happens when we cannot accept the behaviour of another person. We end up imposing our standards upon them.

With time, this attitude deprives us of the joys associated with sex. It paves way for anger, hatred and bitterness. This eventually rusts even the most intimate ties.

It is important to approach sexuality with an attitude to let go of all the things that ‘appear’ right. For ultimate pleasure, it is advisable to not judge our partner or the situation they are in. We must take a moment, step back and remind ourselves of our main goal – to have an exceptional experience in the present moment.

  1. Synchronized bliss breath: Breath transforms everything. To enjoy complete sexual pleasure, it is important to connect our breathing, with that of our partner. Long, slow and deep inhaling and exhaling together gives way to bliss breath. We can hear this as the soft whispering sensual sound at the back of our throat. The sound of our partner’s musical breath makes us move out of our mind. It lets us tune in to them and listen to their body, as well as our own. Connecting at breath helps us let go of control, relax and receive energy. It also opens up our heart to the other person. Synchronising bliss breath also leads to energy exchange. This in turn deepens intimacy. It makes us give back and let go of expectations. It brings us in the moment, without the fear of the past or the future. It awakens our senses and teaches us how to enjoy sex at its best.

  1. Secret squeeze: This is also called the ‘diamond in the lotus’. The secret squeeze of the vagina and the penis helps in the exchange of the most powerful energy, in the best possible way. During penetration, this star move leads to the exploding of sexual energy throughout our body. This squeeze makes sex more than just a normal orgasm of the male and female sexual organs. In fact, it lifts the entire experience to the ‘heart connection-level’ and then takes it all the way up to the ‘soul connection-level’.

  1. Microcosmic orbit: To nurture our sexual energy, it is important to open our microcosmic orbit. This is an internal practice. It involves little or no movement. We can call it a constant river of energy or an energy loop. It runs up the spine and down the front of the body. We can open this orbit by paying attention to our body and flowing this circuit of energy during sex with our partner. Our awakened self will then change this force into self-healing energy. This in turn will help each partner feel energised and excited.

  1. Spreading energy with feather-light touch: During the whole process of making love, we can use the feather-light touch to trigger sensation in any position. This will add a punch to an otherwise repetitive act. It will also help spread orgasmic energy through the body. A gratifying climax is sure to follow.

  1. Small tilts: We could improve the quality of our sex life and enjoy each of the Kama Sutra positions much more by using the art of small tilts. This refers to the act of rocking back and forth, very slightly, during penetration. Both women and men can do the same together or take turns, while the other receives. This act goes a long way in spicing-up any of the sexual position. Missionary – man on top, Cowgirl – woman on top, and all other sex styles become so much more enjoyable with this simple trick.

  1. Small circles: Small circles, along with the secret squeeze, could become the best move to up the thrill between the sheets. Through this act, women can give extra pleasure to their partner during penetration. Men can use the same to control ejaculation and make themselves last longer.

  1. Big circles: To spice up our sex life, we can turn love into a dance between ourselves and our partners. Here, making big circles at the hip during penetration can come handy. Women can do this movement during the Cowgirl position. Whereas, men can do this in the Missionary position. During these big circles, each can receive and give much more pleasure than ever imagined before.

  1. Big thrusts: To keep the spark in the bedroom alive, it is important to draw power from thrusting the hips. Our body’s lower shockers are where all the sexual energy comes from. The big thrust and the secret squeeze, makes sexual energy explode throughout the body. It lifts up the same from just the genitals. It then makes it circulate through the Microcosmic Orbit to promote sexual energy.

  1. Eye contact: Harnessing the power of eye contact is one of the most important skills we can develop for great sex. Our eyes are the window to our soul. By holding our partner’s gaze, we can see and be seen. We inhale to receive their energy and exhale to pass it back to them. It sets a sweet rhythm between the two souls. Holding eye contact during intercourse and climax transforms ordinary sex into soul sex. It gives us the power to be fully intimate and naked with somebody else. Looking into each other’s eyes and climaxing together can be very fulfilling on the soul sex level.

Seduction is an art. And good sex, its biggest reward.

By using these ten Kama Sutra secrets, we can convert what has largely been reduced to instant pleasure, into a greater sensuous experience.

All these secrets can best be applied to the most popular Kama Sutra positions, as researched by a leading portal of online doctors in Europe and the UK. As per the research, the most popular Kama Sutra positions are Cowgirl, Missionary and the Doggy style. 

With the help of these effective tips and tricks we can control our own pleasure, no matter who is in-charge or the chosen sexual position. These moves empower each partner to be more than just a passive receiver in the act of love. In fact, it gives both men and women the ability to do exactly what makes them feel good.

These ten secrets of the Kama Sutra allow each one of us to go much deeper in our sexual experience together. Not just multiple orgasms, but it also presents us with the golden chance to make sex both divine and electrifying.

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