Tangible Tag

I am briefly going to explain what my tags ‘extremely tangible’, ‘typically tangible’ and ‘typically intangible’ mean. These categorisations apply equally to the kind of written content and the kind of reader approaching such content.

We can compare the average reader’s 6th sense development level with the sight level of someone who wears a bandage on top of his eyes from the first moment of his life: not only he will never develop his sight, but within 1 year of life, he will lose it completely. Luckily our sixth sense is different than this, as it never dies if not practised, contrary to our 5 physical senses.

In my experience, and in the experience of the majority of REAL spiritual healers I met in my life, the average western person sits between the first 2 categories: ET and TT. On average, the western human being has not been trained nor has acknowledged the existence of such subtle reality, sensations and experiences.

Luckily not-western people, who live or come from areas such as Africa, Asia and South America, are on average more open towards these subtle aspects of life. This is because their cultures not only enabled them to PERSONALLY experience such realities but also supported their awareness’ awakening and use. Despite a minor problem caused by cultural influences, the average readers of these regions tend to be ‘better’ than the average western reader.

To significantly help Content A&B readers fully understand, and especially accept, the articles within the TI Category, scientific proofs will be provided. I totally comprehend the fact that prejudices not only alter the perceptions of people, they can also completely eliminate their perceptions’ abilities. This is the only reason why it is of extreme importance to clear the readers’ minds from their well-established prejudices: the reader must first be enabled to understand, then he can read!

I admit to being, initially, a barely Content A reader. I was and am always been a very logical man, based on scientific proofs and with a typical western mentality. At a certain point, back in 2015, as a consequence of a very disturbing event, something clicked in my mind. I started searching on Google the word ‘chakra’. I think it is useless to tell you that initially, after just a couple of weeks, I literally started slapping my face, telling me:

“Ale, are you going crazy or what? What are you starting to believe, just to feel good and find ways out of your anxiety problems? Ale!!! Wake up! Don’t be stupid, don’t be patsy! Only stupid people believe these kinds of things! Have you been brainwashed or what? Etc…”

Thank God, shortly afterwards, I ‘randomly’ ended up googling something called ‘Quantum Physics’. This is where all the pieces finally started to fall into place.

Again, I thank God for giving me that search result on Google, without which, I would have never ever been able to unlock my mind from those prejudices that have been so deeply installed in my brain throughout my whole life in Europe.

What happened to me back then is exactly what happens to the average untrained and unprepared western human person who approaches for the very first time this kind of topics and realities.

This is the only reason why I will be posting more and more scientific proofs of anything possible that I will categorise as TI Content, to help the average ET&TT Content readers be able to understand the lightness, delicacy and TRUTH of TI Content articles.

Let’s put it like this:

– if you can only understand ET Content articles, then potentially you need to work a lot on yourself

– if you can understand ET&TT Content articles, then you are halfway to ‘awakening’. This means you have a good knowledge of both your body and mind and can proceed further. Unfortunately, not all TT Content readers will be able and ‘ready’ to read and understand the TI Content articles.

– if you can understand TI articles, well done J are you also able to feel them? Which topic is your most favourite, and have acquired sensitivity on? Which of these topics can you feel the best? How?

Not only I would like to know you a little bit more, but you will also be invited to my personal ‘special members’ only area of my website.

Stay tuned for further updates on life