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The 4 Best Rules Of Our Mind – Mind Rewire

February 20, 2019

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Have you ever wondered how your mind works? What could the rules of our mind be? When I first started thinking about it, I felt extremely attracted to this incredibly complex machine we have in our head.

We all know that our mind is capable of INCREDIBLE things: feeling love, the logic of rationality, gut instinct, create the fight or flight response, etc.

Not only this, look at what our mind is capable of, and what the human brain has been able to create: The Atomic Bomb, Airplanes, The Artificial Intelligence, Space Shuttles, and so forth.

The rules of our mind are a set of specific conditions that control the mental mechanisms that regulate the interconnection between our body and our mind.  These mechanisms can be conscious or subconscious, but both directly influence our daily life.

Unfortunately, as per the rules of our mind, it is not only capable of doing incredibly positive things, but also, incredibly negative things.
From illnesses to wars, to crime, to hate, to the creation of self-destructing habits/behaviors/ways of thinking.

If you, like me, would like to understand a little more of how all of this works, how to be able to control the mental mechanisms that run your mind, and finally, how to focus your subconscious mechanisms only towards self-healing patterns, then you have come to the right place.

Enjoy the beginning of your trip towards the rules of our mind 🙂



THE RULES OF OUR MIND: Imagination & Familiarity

Today you will get a deeper understanding of how rules of our mind work. By studying the brain of very successful people worldwide, it has been possible to list common characteristics that rule the mental mechanisms of each person of the world.

  1. Your mind loves what is familiar
  2. Imagination is more powerful than logic.
  3. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge (when dealing with your mind)
  4. What wanted TENDS to be realized
  5. Your mind always does what it thinks you want it to do
  6. The mind responds to the pictures in your head and to the words you say to yourself
  7. Your mind works to move you from pain to pleasure
  8. We make our beliefs, and our beliefs make us
  9. The mind learns by repetition
1) If bad habits like procrastinating or recreational drugs are familiar, make them unfamiliar!

The other way around should be done with beneficial habits that are unfamiliar: make them familiar, to become abundant in life 🙂

Make these statements familiar:

If the brain sees that something keeps coming back in mind, the brain starts thinking that such a thing is definitely real: that’s how we can rewire our brain.

According to the rules of our mind, we need to train our brain to let in only the positivity, and to remove the negativity. This is also because the mind cannot handle conflicting beliefs, as they cancel each other out!


We live in an abundant world: this is why we can get an abundant life!! 😉

Whatever we focus on, we move toward and get more of it!!

2) The imagination overrules logic.

For example: if you look from a 100th floor building, down on the street, through the glass of the window, even if you have the glass that protects you from falling, by looking down to the road, your imagination will win over your logic, by telling you: if you do not get away from there, you will fall and die!!!

This is just an example that shows how your imagination wins over your logic.

3) The imagination of you having abundance would defeat any logic thoughts that would say otherwise

4) Science has proved that If you say: “If I just look at food, I become fat” the body starts to make cortisol (The Stress Hormone) that helps your bay lay down fat.

On the contrary, if you say things along the line of “I expect to make a lot of money; as I know that my ideas are so good I can monetize them; and I have got something of value to offer which is worth money, etc.” it happens because if you believe what is expected to occur, it tends to happen automatically. Well, that’s what the rules of our mind say!

5) Tell your mind what you want.

For example: I want abundance in all the areas of my life!!! I require it! And I insist on it by myself! I will do whatever I have to do to get it!! Because I want it, and I will have it!

6) Babies do not make pictures

This is the reason why they cannot feel fear!! We need to be like kids in this regard.

Also, for you, an example-list of sentences that you can say to yourself, to change your mind with your own words:

  • I am abundant
  • I will succeed and be full of money and also an excellent job!!
  • The more I have, the more I share
  • Life is amazing! The more love I give, the more love I will receive back

Use abundant words! Sense it. See it. Feel it.


I love going to the gym; I love working on weekends, I love building my website, I love growing my company, etc.

8) If you make your beliefs AMAZING, you become AMAZING too!!
9) The mind learns by repetition.

Never make negative repetitions because, even if you can choose these negative repetitions, you cannot choose the negative outcomes and consequences of them.

THE RULES OF OUR MIND: Relationship With Food

Now, as per the rules of our mind, it is time to understand why our minds are wired to be CRAVING SUGAR and to be scared of hunger?

The answer dates back in the past when food was a scarcity.

We need to change this wiring, as nowadays the reality is entirely different.

“KitKats are not scarce… I know it because I saw them in the vending machine in the last 20 years… so now I need you, mind, to make me like fruit and vegetables… so that I AM CHOOSING to like food… I am choosing to like fruit. I am choosing to like salad, and I AM CHOOSING to be healthy.”

Don’t beat yourself up when you desire sugar and sugary food.

The opposite of love is not to hate, but indifference, or disinterest.

The only way to succeed at being your ideal weight is by having an ideal mindset.

Did you know that overeating is emotional? Do you know why you overeat? Because of your FEELINGS!!

All has to do with feelings. As per the rules of our mind, an accumulation, over the years, of feelings-related problems, can create any of these six types of emotional overeaters (which means that you eat mood):

  1. Emotional
  2. Angry
  3. Destructive
  4. Habitual
  5. Ignorant
  6. Addictive

1) Using food to feel better
2) Eating crunchy food to eat your feelings
3) Sabotaging yourself from being your ideal weight. Someone who sabotages every effort to be leaner and lighter because, somewhere inside his mind, something is saying that you are safer if you are a bit heavier
4) Anyone who has been trained to finish everything on their plate
5) The one who believes that a MacDonald’s salad or a diet-coke is, for instance, healthy
6) If you are addicted to junk food, you should know that this is the most common category

You should ask yourself questions like: What do I want? What should I insist on? What am I choosing for myself?

I am choosing to have an ideal body.

The role of overeating is always to appease yourself, to console yourself, to take you away from a bad feeling (like a baby).


So, you can and have to stop it!! I can make my mind’s job, of matching my words and action with my reality, by saying: “this does not suit me, I don’t like this, it is not me, and I will never have to do it again!!!


When we fall madly in love, or when we are anxious, or sick, we have no interest in food at all. So, there are many times when your mind shuts down interest in food and many times when it switches it on, and it magnifies it because overeating starts in your mind. Now that you know that, you can go back to your mind and change it; you can smash it, you can shatter it, you can get rid of it.

For your growth:
1. Look at your destructive habits and say:
“It’s not me.”
“Instead, I am choosing to …..”

2. Identify your type of emotional overeating.
I have an excellent relationship with food; I do not overeat or have any imbalance food wise. If you do, identify your emotional overeater type and start working on its treatment. 🙂

THE RULES OF OUR MIND: Money & Finance 

Have you ever thought about your financial limits? Did you ever wonder what are your subconscious instructions about money and your financial limits?

As per the rules of our mind, financial limits are in your mind: you can break through any premade self-imposed ceiling.

We all have our financial upper limit: this is the most money we think we could ever earn.

We set these limits very early in our life. Once we subconsciously believe in these limits, if we start thinking to overcome them, in reality, we start sabotaging ourselves since our subconscious begins stopping us from succeeding in this matter. This happens because we are afraid to be rejected if we pass the upper limit!!

We can define this as the Tall Poppy Syndrome: we are wired to survive by connecting to people who are like us. I will explain to you better what I mean: this syndrome describes that the poppy that stands out must be cut down since everyone must be the same.

Thankfully, this condition is not valid anymore nowadays, as we do not live in tribes anymore.

We all now live in a multicultural society where we are very different from each other.


What is your financial upper limit? Got it? Now multiply it by three.

If you feel uncomfortable with this new financial upper limit, stay with the uncomfortable feeling until when it becomes a very comfortable feeling!

And if after some time you are still feeling uncomfortable, remember that you need to feel the feelings until when it no longer needs to be felt!!


Since your potential expands as you move towards it, you need to start acting towards its direction.

For example: if you are used to charging a certain price for your product, but then you become confident about what you do and the quality of your products, then you can start charging more for the same product. This is how you expand your potential (as you move towards it).

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you think, and solve your financial limits:

1. Write out what you are scared of in terms of money.
What are your fears?

2. Answer these questions in the present tense:
Since you have unlimited wealth, how are you using it to help others?
How are you using it to serve and benefit others?

3. Write out the answers to some or all of these questions:
What are you scared of in terms of money? What are your fears?
Who are you?
Why are you here?
What is your message?
What is your gift?
Who are you here to impact?
Who are you here to serve?

REMEMBER: This is what you want… you want to be wealthy… your mind’s job is to take you to what you want, and your job is to make sure your mind knows what you want, with no room for misinterpretation. You must let your brain know with clarity, precision, and accurately what you want.

Reasons Behind Addiction


A lack of connection causes addictions.

When you cannot connect to people, you start to connect to a needle, or a bottle of alcohol, or a gambling table: you will connect to something that makes you feel good, even if it is just for a very short time.

When we are disconnected, we become addicted.

The success of group therapy is the connection! By connecting sick people with like-minded people, they do not feel alone anymore and start feeling better by connecting again to life, to someone.

The one thing that can make you happy IS PEOPLE.

If you are addicted, do not do things that isolate you.

Another thing that can actively help you heal from your addictions is a puppy 🙂

Look at the addictions you might have. Whatever you have, do it with a group of people.

Reflect on your life, and ask yourself “When did I become disconnected?” 

Maybe your dad was never there, or maybe your mom used you against your father.

Write down in the comments area any addiction you or someone else has, and focus on how connecting can turn it around.

THE RULES OF OUR MIND: Illnesses Have a Purpose 

Our illnesses are influenced and guided by our thoughts, but thankfully, we can change our thoughts quicker than we can change our body.

We need to TALK TO OUR SYMPTOMS: don’t beat yourself up for what you did incorrectly, tune into your power to dialogue with yourself and get results. Do it correctly, and then you can have radiant health.

People need to treat what lies beneath an illness, not the symptom itself.

By fixing your thoughts, you can fix your illnesses!!

For example, a child with parents who often argue, really wanted his parents to stop arguing.

He could not stop them, but his mind kept saying to his body “I really want them to stop arguing! I want it! I need it” so that his body started acting towards the direction of the commands received from the mind.

Since the mind was saying: “I WANT THEM TO STOP! THEY HAVE TO STOP!” the child’s body immediately started developing a migraine. When his parents noticed the bad physical condition of the child, they suddenly stopped arguing.

This is how the child learned that when his parents argue, he just needs to develop a migraine, and his parents would immediately stop arguing, because they need to bring him to a dark room, with no light nor noise, in order to make him feel better.

Another example: once a girl was disgusted by her period, to the point that she strongly desired never to have a period anymore, if possible.

She desired this so much that she stopped having a period. After years of enjoyment, especially every month when she could notice to have no period, she started desiring to have a baby, but she could not have one.

Only after several therapies, she could get back into the memory of her despising her period, and upon finally acceptance and understanding of her period, she started having her period again.


Our illnesses have a role, function, purpose, and intention; our illnesses have a job.

And our job is to find out what our illnesses’ role is!

For example, another guy started having bubbles on his skin, because he needed attention from his parents. And so on.

Identify the role, function, purpose, and intention
of your illnesses, since they are doing a job for you. UNDERSTANDING IS POWER!!!!

Think of the symptoms you have, and reflect on their purpose. Complete the sentences:

1) I am YOUR NAME’s…. and I have a job to ….
e.g., I am Alessandro’s anxiety, and I have a job to prepare him for the uncertainty of life.

2) I understood you ….. but now I do not need you anymore because…..
e.g., I understood your anxiety, but now I do not need you anymore because I learned how to deal with the world, and I am ready to succeed over everything as I now have a strong shield against emotional hurts and uncertainties of life.


Dear readers…

As you could learn from this article, the rules of our mind control the mental mechanisms that are interconnected with our bodies.

These rules do affect not only our mind and body but also our life, in every aspect possible. From personal health to job, to money, to happiness, to addictions… all are influenced by our minds, either directly or indirectly.

It is up to you whether to understand it, whether to act according to it, whether to let it negatively affect you, or benefit you.

I personally started following these rules, and my life transformed significantly since then.

I do hope you will do the same 🙂

If you want to go deep into your brain, and understand the mental mechanisms behind addictions, obesity, illnesses, and much more, have a read at these books, from Marisa Peer:

I Am Enough: Mark Your Mirror And Change Your Life

You Can Be Thin: The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting…Forever

Ultimate Confidence: The Secrets to Feeling Great About Yourself Every Day

Please, feel free to leave a message below, if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

Also check out my article on LoveMoney – A Hearty Love and Money Fusion which also works around the rules of our mind.

Alessandro Cipullo
Consciousness Explorer
Wellness Seeker

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