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What are my best Healing Crystal Stones for complete wellness?

September 17, 2019

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How does it feel to be sure about your healing crystals stones? How can you know what are your healing crystal stones?

I shared the most essential crystal healing stones in a previous blog, and in this one, I will teach you how to select the best suitable ones for you.

When we start to enter into non-traditional medicine, we usually tend to incur one major problem: no scientific proof (for now ;), and not in all the alternative medicine fields).

There are no major scientific studies nor any tangible results that can prove to you, and with absolute certainty, which healing crystal stones work best for you.

It is important to learn what we already know, to rediscover our connection with these amazing healing crystal stones.

We are born with a sensitivity that we lose over time due to lack of practice. Healing crystal stones can help us recover that lost sensitivity and feeling.

The real power and magic of healing crystal stones are in their affinity with an individual. Just like your mood, needs, and desires, your crystals keep changing too. Perhaps the crystal might even change on a daily basis, depending on your mood, events, and any inevitable changes in your life.

Hence, it’s advisable to have a regular go-to kit of healing crystal stones for most possible circumstances. Think of it like your closest group of friends: on social media, you might have thousands of friends, but when the going gets tough, you can only count on 5 or 6 close friends.

And each person in that group of close friends has a particular trait. You lean on to only one individual depending on the situation and circumstances such as in times of heartache, or when looking for fun, or when you need a confidence boost, sound advice, or a good hug.

Just like a friend in time of pleasure, pain, need or joy, crystals call to me. I know exactly who to turn to, where to go and what to do without even thinking much about it.

Discovering your Healing Crystal Stones

The healing crystal stones selection process is similar to choosing friends. And just like you follow a screening process to select close friends, you have to pick crystals that you can depend on.

So, how do you decide which healing crystal stones to pick? How do you pick which crystal will be helpful for the day? Should it be one crystal per day? Or one for a whole week? Can you carry more than one healing crystal stones at a time? Most importantly – how do you know which stones are ‘right’ for you?

There are no solid rules when it comes to choosing your healing crystal stones. However, there are guides that can help you. Mostly, you need to trust your instincts and that can only come with practice. Tune in to your feelings, understand your vibes, and pay attention to the energy and communication that you are receiving from the healing crystal stones.

Let’s correlate the selection of crystals to getting dressed for the day. More often than not, you know the look you want for the day ahead. Depending on what you are going to do, you have your go-to outfits, such as the comfy wear, outdoor wear.

Most of the times, you decide it on the spot: it’s guided by your knowledge, your intuition. However, there are other times when you put on an outfit that you think looks exceptional but it just doesn’t feel right.

It’s more or less the same when it comes to the crystals too. You usually tend to know exactly which aspect of your life needs a little nudging and then you read a few blogs to understand which stone you need. When you finally pick up the stone you thought you needed, the vibes just aren’t present. You “just don’t feel it”. That doesn’t mean it won’t work, you just need a different stone.

Here are some common questions that people often ask me regarding healing crystals. Go through them for some thorough information 🙂


You can have 10 or you can have just one; there’s really no limit to this. You can have multiple stones of the same crystal –  most people have a favourite. Allow your crew to expand with time. Having 10 crystals will not make things move any quicker. What matters is what you put in rather than the size or the scale of the crystals. 


There are 7 major types of crystals or crystal systems but well over 2,000 forms and counting. Some of the formations come in multiple colours, with each colour having a specific healing property. There is something for everyone.


Size is not an important factor. Just like humans, a crystal could be tiny yet powerful with better vibrations than that of a giant, raw rock. I could hold a trinket and feel the entire world in it whereas you could hold it and feel nothing at all. It’s the connection that matters more – it should click when you meet. 


You should always have an intention when you start. If you head into a working week with a packed schedule, a tight deadline, and big goals, or a date for which you are both excited and nervous, all you need to do is ask yourself what you really want. Everyone has a different energy and therefore a different relationship with crystals. You need to play around and see what works best for you. I am a huge devotee of tiger’s eye – it gives me bountiful confidence. 

Some people prefer one crystal over another simply because of the connection and affinity they feel with it. This is why it is crucial to give different crystal suggestions to people who are seeking to heal.


Take up a journal or take out your camera. The best way to figure out what will work for you is to keep a record of the past experience. What helped you in the past might help you again.

Journaling about crystals will serve you as your own self-help guide. When you document how one crystal served you as opposed to another when you were in a particular state of mind, it can be very helpful. If a crystal stops serving you after a point of time, don’t be frustrated. Just cleanse it and keep it aside, then opt for something else. Crystals never judge you nor question your loyalty, but if you want to grow, shouldn’t you try and experiment with nature’s abundance?  


You might be in a state of procrastination or you could be feeling playful on a given day. Use your feelings to reach what you need. You are most likely to discover what you are searching for through your inner compass. 

First of all, keep all your crystals in one line, in the shape of a rainbow in front of you. Then gently rub your hands together thrice to provide stimulation to the chakra points at the centre of your hands. Move your dominant hand over the arc, from right to left. Take deep breaths and close your eyes. When you tune out some senses, you will get a better response from outside.

Now turn to your intention and ask. It doesn’t have to be exact, just give life to your intention and find your voice. Ask for guidance on what you need. Say that you are confident of the selection you have made and ask the Crystal to hear your call. Tell it how you are feeling and what you want. All this while, keep floating your hand left to right and back again. Think of yourself as a treasure hunter with a metal detector. Keep taking long and deep breaths, thus giving yourself time and repeating your intentions. Speak from your mind – ‘I feel you’ or ‘I connect with you’.

You will feel a gentle tingling sensation when your hand passes over what you need. It could also be a gentle breeze – hot or cold – passing between you and the crystals. If you feel doubt creeping in, ask for confirmation again. Scan. Do not take a peak and lower your hand to where it is being drawn. If your hand lands on more than one crystal, that’s okay too. Take both of them or return to the scanning process. 


For me, it is truly based on what I see and on my instincts. You know how when you go to a shop, you see something there and feel like you have to buy it because the product is talking to you and you need to have it? Whatever ‘it’ is, if it is looking at you at the right time, then it’s meant to be.

Okay, let’s do a quick exercise. Close your eyes for a moment and say, “Show me what I need.” A particular stone will shine bright and your attention will be drawn towards it. You know when your heart just says, “this is it”, go for it.

Coming to the question of how many crystals you can have on a particular day, that’s something completely up to you. Empowerment comes from listening to yourself and from trusting your guts. Crystals – like your closest friends – work with each other rather than cancelling each other out. 

I hope you have more clarity now on how to select healing crystals for yourself. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

My friends…
Here, again, I recommend the same book if you ever want to discover more about crystals and all their amazing properties. The author is simply amazing, and truly resonates with me 🙂

Let the instinct and feelings that come from your heart guide and assure you.

Open your heart, and love your life fully, together with your friendly healing crystal stones.

Please, feel free to leave a message below, if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

Alessandro Cipullo

Consciousness Explorer

Wellness Seeker

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